The real reason Australian Idol judge Marcia Hines collapsed on set

The beloved entertainer was rushed to hospital.
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Australian Idol judge Marcia Hines has confirmed the real reason she collapsed on set just hours before the first episode of the two-part grand finale was due to be filmed.

At the time, the 70-year-old was rushed to hospital, remaining overnight before being temporarily discharged so she could return to the judging panel the following evening. 

WATCH NOW: Marcia Hines performs live on Australian Idol in 2004.

When the news was first announced, a production source provided scarce details about Marcia’s health to East Coast media, simply revealing that she had experienced a “medical emergency,” had been rushed to hospital, and season one winner Guy Sebastian would be filling in as a judge in her stead.

According to some insider sources, the medical emergency was concerning Marcia’s Type 1 diabetes, however, other sources close to production also told media that she had injured her head in a fall. 

Marcia was rushed to hospital after a medical emergency on the set of Australian Idol on March 24th. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Just over a week on, Marcia herself has shed new light on what caused her sudden collapse in an interview with The Daily Telegraph

“I don’t know what happened. I was about to go and do the semi-final for Australian Idol,” she shared with the publication. 

“I was in my dressing room with my godchildren and some good friends, and I had my makeup done.”

“I was sitting down, stood up, and fell over. I had a urinary tract infection,” she finally confirmed.

Marcia was temporarily discharged from the hospital for the grand finale. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Returning to the judging panel the next day, Marcia told viewers that she felt “fine.”

“I want to thank everyone who reached out towards me, you know. I do appreciate it. And you guys need to know – I couldn’t have missed this for the world. I couldn’t have.”

The beloved entertainer went on to reveal that she had sustained a cut on her forehead that had required stitches and agreed with her doctor to return to the hospital after the winner of Australian Idol for 2024 had been revealed.

“I was able to talk to the doctor and say, ‘Listen, I really need to go back to work. It’s the final, and I’m really attached to these kids,” the entertainer shared. 

While her doctor “didn’t feel comfortable with it”, Marcia was able to use her powers of persuasion and re-admitted herself for several days of rest and cooperation after Australian Idol wrapped up.

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