EXCLUSIVE: Pregnant MAFS star Cyrell Paule poses nude with Eden Dally

The parents-to-be strip down ahead of their baby's arrival, discussing why they made it work.
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Married At First Sight’s Cyrell Paule and Love Island’s Eden Dally pose nude, as they share that they can’t wait to become a family of three. 

WATCH BELOW: Cyrell and Eden are overcome talking about their baby

New Idea exclusively caught up with parents-to-be at their stunning pregnancy photoshoot – which was inspired by Demi Moore’s iconic 1991 Vanity Fair cover.

The couple, who confirmed to us back in November 2019 that they were expecting, are now moments away from that lifechanging moment.

Demi’s iconic VF cover recreated. (Credit: Jaydon Cabe from Luxe Portraits & JCA Models)
Cyrell Eden shoot
Eden cradles his two loves. (Credit: Jaydon Cabe from Luxe Portraits & JCA Models)

Last year, the couple infamously and momentarily called it quits.

Cyrell told fans she was ready to raise her child solo.

Now she tells New Idea why she and Eden truly got back together.

“We’re focussing on being a great couple together and being great parents to our baby.”

“At the end of the day, most families want to be together and not separated.” 

Cyrell Paule
Isn’t she a star! (Credit: Jaydon Cabe from Luxe Portraits & JCA Models)
The couple can’t wait to become parents. (Credit: Jaydon Cabe from Luxe Portraits & JCA Models)

She continued, “Because we didn’t have such a bad breakup, co-parenting and working it out together wasn’t something I was stressing about.”

“The breakup was very simple.”

“It was about certain changes I’d like to see within Eden, and Eden wanted some changes with me.”

The former TV star told us: “When we realised that was more important than us being apart, and trying to make things work, we just decided to do that for one another.” 

Cyrell and Eden stand united ahead of their child’s arrival. (Credit: Jaydon Cabe from Luxe Portraits & JCA Models)
A kiss from daddy. (Credit: Jaydon Cabe from Luxe Portraits & JCA Models)

And the solution was simple.

“We just needed that time apart to miss each other and then get back together.”

“A lot of people thought the breakup was so massive and that it was over so many things… it was actually quite catty!”

As for Eden, he sees things in a very similar light.

“In every relationship, people always break up and makeup. Cyrell and I have always been close and we didn’t have a nasty break up. We just took a little break. And then we got back together. It wasn’t nasty at all. We’ve always been friends.”

Cyrell Paule
Eden is exceptionally excited. (Credit: Jaydon Cabe from Luxe Portraits & JCA Models)
Cyrell_Eden_baby pics
The proud parents and lovers are ready for this next adventure. (Credit: Jaydon Cabe from Luxe Portraits & JCA Models)

“We didn’t really want to make it people’s business… but it did become people’s business.”

“Any chance people get, I’ll get bagged! Believe me…”

As for the haters, it doesn’t bother Eden or Cyrell anymore.

The fitness model told NI: “I just laugh things off now… when I know the truth, that’s all that matters. People can make up their own things and talk about us. I just accept it now and don’t bite into it. I just get on with life.”

“If it wasn’t going to work out, it was never going to mean I wouldn’t see the baby. We were just going to co-parent – there would have been days I’d have my baby, and days Cyrell would. And days we’d meet up and take the baby out. It wouldn’t have been that different at all.” 

MAFS Cyrell Paule as you’ve never seen her before. (Credit: Jaydon Cabe from Luxe Portraits & JCA Models)

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