WATCH: MAFS’ Cyrell and Eden announce their baby boy’s name

Such a beautiful meaning behind the unique moniker!
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Reality TV sweethearts Cyrell Paule and Eden Dally have finally revealed the name of their newborn baby son, who they welcomed on February 9, 2020.

WATCH BELOW:  The new parents introduce baby Dally!

The loved-up mum and dad exclusively announced to New Idea they have decided to name their bub after a famous US city – Boston.

Former Married At First Sight star Cyrell and Love Island alum Eden chose to name their son Boston Eden Dally – and revealed why it took three weeks to decide on it.

The couple welcomed their son on February 9, 2020. (Credit: New Idea)

Speaking with New Idea, the couple admit they couldn’t name Boston their original choice after Cyrell’s sister took the name for her son.

“Eden wanted the name Cruz at first. But my sister took it,” Cyrell says.

 “We did a few Instagram posts asking people for help with the name and we saw a lot of people recommending Cruz. So we didn’t feel like it was that unique after all.”

Meet Boston Eden Dally. (Credit: New Idea)

Eden adds: “I think Boston sounds better. It’s vry unique. He’s got the middle name Eden so he’s definitely going places! It’s a tradition. I’ve got my father’s name and my dad got his dad’s name.” 

The new parents also whittled down their top three names before settling on Boston – the other two being Rome and Cash.

They eventually decided on Boston for their three-week-old son after Eden realised it sounded like a boxer’s name.

Eden told us: “She’s a real natural mother!” (Credit: New Idea)

“He just looks like a Boston. It’s such a manly name. He’s got these big hands! He’s always got them up and his hands clenched. I get a feeling he might be a boxer!” Eden says.

Cyrell adds: “There were also other names I was picking at the time, including Rome. My family were a bit more into that name. I wanted Rome and Eden liked the name Cash.”

After a premature and traumatic birth on February 9th, Eden says Cyrell has taken to motherhood like a duck to water.

“He just looks like a Boston!” (Credit: New Idea)

“Cyrell is really good. She’s a real natural mother. She loves him very much, and she does all the diapers, thank God!” Eden laughs.

“He’s such a happy baby and he hardly ever cried too.”

And Cyrell says she is smitten watching how Eden is with their baby son.

“One of the best feelings is seeing him and watching him with my child. I’ve never seen Eden more adoring to anyone. It breaks my heart when I watch the two of them together,” she says.

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