MAFS Bride Tash slams Amanda: “There’s no chemistry!”

Inside their honeymoon from hell

Married At First Sight‘s first same-sex wedding since marriage equality was legalised in Australia should’ve been cause for celebration.

WATCH: Tash and Amanda’s romance turns to ruins!

But the honeymoon was over before it had the chance to get off the ground for Tash Herz and Amanda Micallef, who wed on the seventh season of the hit reality show.

Speaking to NW magazine, bartender Tash had revealed that she found Amanda “quite controlling”, and said they were “so incompatible” – and after watching the honeymoon play out, we understand why she made this assessment.

MAFS amanda tash honeymoon
(Credit: Channel 9)

The pair had a beautiful wedding, and the chemistry appeared to be off the charts, with both the gorgeous gals looking totally into each other.

But by the time the sun came up the next morning, Tash was having doubts, feeling as though she’d been swept up in the romance of the nuptials.

“[Amanda’s] funny and she makes me laugh, but there’s no spark. I’m not feeling it,” she admitted, looking devastated.

“I feel guilty because I want it to be there so bad. It’s really hard.”

Meanwhile, Amanda’s feelings were quickly going from adoring to annoyed, as she was left solo by the pool for three hours waiting for Tash to show up!

MAFS Amanda solo honeymoon
(Credit: Channel 9)

“I needed a bit of time by myself,” explained Tash, who’d been meditating in the hotel room and trying to come to terms with her shifting emotions.

“I was acting a certain way at the wedding but now I’m not attracted to her… I wish I could just flick a switch. I don’t know what to do, because I don’t want to hurt her.”

Of course, Amanda was already hurt, saying she could feel the. shift in Tash’s energy.

“Where’s the small signs of intimacy here and there? We’re on our honeymoon for f–k’s sake,” the strength coach raged.

(Credit: Channel 9)

Over dinner that night, Tash came clean about where her head was at.

But rather than taking what the 31-year-old had to say on board, Amanda was thrown into a complete tailspin, and ended up sobbing, swearing… and sleeping in a separate room.

“I thought we had chemistry! For you to tell me this early on this is how you’re feeling, how the f–k do you expect me to feel?” she cried angrily, asking if Tash had felt it on their wedding day – which she says she did.

“Well how the f–k do you not feel it today?” thee 34-year-old demanded.

MAFS tash amanda honeymoon
(Credit: Channel 9)
MAFS Amanda leaves
(Credit: Channel 9)

More red flags came up the next day, when Amanda felt that one night apart was enough and asked to move back into the shared hotel room.

“I just don’t feel comfortable sleeping in a bed together yet,” said Tash honestly.

“I’m happy to sleep on the couch… but you don’t even want me there, that’s what it feels like,” Amanda muttered, seemingly struggling to respect her TV wife’s boundaries.

MAFS amanda tash honeeymoon
(Credit: Channel 9)
MAFS amanda crying
(Credit: Channel 9)

And if she was trying to guilt Tash into agreeing, it looks like it almost worked, with the raven-haired beauty admitting she was “feeling pressure”. 

“It would make me feel uncomfortable and I’m not going to put myself in a situation where I feel uncomfortable,” she explained.

“I’m trying to be true to myself and honest and not do something that makes me uncomfortable.”

MAFS amanda tash fight
(Credit: Channel 9)

The pair’s first fight hardly comes as a surprise, after Tash was spotted enjoying a steamy romp with a gorgeous blonde earlier in the week.

The woman in question, Madison Hewitt, is her new girlfriend, reveals a source. Pictures of the loved-up couple embracing each other in the ocean, make it clear that the reality star has moved on from her TV marriage since the show stopped filming. 

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