Lyn Dawson murder case twist: Police investigate threatening emails sent to the brother and lawyer of Chris Dawson

They speak out.

Following the shock arrest of Chris Dawson, police are now investigating threatening emails sent to Dawson’s brother and lawyer, The Australian reports. 

Dawson was arrested over the 1982 murder of his wife, Lynette Dawson. 

The former PE teacher was at the centre of the podcast series, The Teacher’s Pet. 

chris dawson

The Australian reports that Pete Dawson and his lawyer Greg Walsh have been receiving threatening emails and phone calls since Dawson’s arrest. 

“Officers from St George Police Area Command are investigating after reports a man received threatening emails,” a police spokesman said.

The Daily Telegraph adds the emails are “littered with the c-word and f-word”. 

“The language is obscene, it’s absolutely disgusting,” Peter Dawson told the Telegraph. 

“It’s mostly what they are going to do and that I should be included in jail,” he added.

Peter Dawson also claims the emails are beginning to be sent to his staff, which is when he called the police. 

“The language is filthy and my staff are all female and should not have to put up with that,” he said.

Chris Dawson is due to appear in court again later this week.

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