Confirmed: The Logies are moving to the Gold Coast

TV's alleged night of nights finds a new home
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Goodbye Melbourne! It’s just been confirmed this morning that The Star Gold Coast is to be the new home of the Logie Awards ceremony – TV’s alleged night of nights – for the next four years.

In a move that has upset some in Victoria – but apparently not plenty of others – the TV industry awards show is leaving its decades-long home for the glitter of the Queensland tourist city.

While NSW allegedly attempted to snag the event, with one proposal that it should be shared among a number of large regional centres, it seems that Queensland had what it took to wrestle the event away.

Ignoring the awards show’s mediocre ratings and perceptions its cache has severely declined in recent decades, Major Events Minister Kate Jones said, ‘We don’t just want gold medals on the Gold Coast, we want gold Logies as well.’

But the news won’t thrill Today Show host Karl Stefanovic, who claims he is going to boycott the event.

‘I’m telling you right now, if the Logies move from Melbourne I’m boycotting them. I will not be going to the Logies if they’re outside of Melbourne,’ he said.

Other TV industry veterans, such as Bert Newton, have also voiced their displeasure, saying the move disrespects Melbourne’s legacy as the perceived home of live TV. 

But few in Victoria seem to be weeping over the move, with one TV insider dismissing the event as ‘just a big TV personality p***-up’ of little-to-no economic value to the state – despite its cost being heavily subsidised by tax payers.

A Herald Sun newspaper poll found that 65 per cent of readers were happy to see the event go.

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