You won’t believe which iconic toy from the early 2000s is back!

Littlest Pet Shop returns to shelves at Big W.
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Over the years, we’ve seen the comeback of many of our favourite toys from our childhood.

Last year, children of the 80s rejoiced with the return of Pound Puppies… this was followed by the re-release of the Dinky Diary, Furby’s, and now, children who grew up in the early 2000s can’t control their excitement about the return of the Littlest Pet Shop range.

The collectable figures with bobblin’ heads are back on shelves in Big W and we cannot wait to get our hands on them!

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The toy franchise is a nostalgic memory for children of the early 2000s and parents with kids who grew up during this time. The toys became so popular they even transformed it into a cartoon series from 2012 to 2022. 

The new range of Littlest Pet Shop is available in Big W stores across Australia and includes a series of collectible animal figurines. 

Kidspot spoke to Carly, a massive fan of the show, who described how special this moment is to her. 

“OMG I had a shelf full of Littlest Pet Shop collectibles and even the little houses! I used to lose my sh*t when I’d get one in a Maccas Happy Meal,” she told Kidpsot.

“I actually wish I’d kept them because this just unlocked so many memories for me.”

The new range includes a series of new animal figurines such as bobblehead panda, cat, axolotl, and anteater. Each pet also has a collectable card that highlights the important attributes of the animal such as its personality, breed, and rarity level.

Do you still have a hoard of collectable animal figurines with bobblin’ heads in your home?

Here’s how you can add to your collection and shop the newest generation of Littlest Pet Shop here in Australia!

(Credit: Big W)

Littlest Pet Shop Pet Trio Collectable Figures – Assorted

Available at Big W for $19

Each set comes with a pack of three bobblin’ head pets… there are over 65 exciting new friends in the series! The pack also comes with one cute accessory, one collector card, one virtual code, and one collector’s guide so you can keep track and collect them all.

The tubes come in three different themes; City Vibes, Wild Vibes and Island Vibes. 

Shop here.

(Credit: Big W)

Littlest Pet Shop Pet Surprise Singles with Virtual Code

Available at Big W for $9

If you’re not wanting to have Littlest Pet Shop toys everywhere around the house, perhaps you may want to opt for a single pet surprise. With the Pet Suprise assortment, you can get your hands on any one of the 18 included in the series.

Your new pet will also come with a code in which you can unlock unique surprises such as virtual pets on the popular kid’s game Roblox.

Shop here.

(Credit: Big W)

Littlest Pet Shop Petfluencer Pairs Collectable Figures with Virtual Code – Assorted

Available at Big W for $24

The third product with the new Littlest Pet Shop Generation 7 range is the Petfluencer Pairs Collectable Figures.

The all-new Petfluence Pairs introduce: Owl 44 and Spaniel 45 who travel the world in style, Dog 48 and Bunny 49 who you can join for a day of pampering and beauty at the Super Salon, and Dolphin 46 and Otter 47 who you can join for an underwater, extra fancy, adventure. 

Shop here.

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