LEGO Masters Australia 2024: Every team that was eliminated

It certainly was a creative season!
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There’s no doubt about it that the talented teams that competed in season six of LEGO Masters Australia are incredibly skilled at what they do. 

Hailing from the likes of Denmark, Germany, France, the USA, and of course Australia, all eight teams are easily some of the most creative LEGO builders across the world.

Sadly, however, only one team could emerge triumphant. And with such a large pool of talent, this made series’ Master Builder Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught’s judging job a whole lot harder.

Each week, one team was eliminated. Scroll on, as we recap who left the series (and in what order)…

Team Germany and the final remaining team from Australia. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Felix and Annalena and Dianne and Shane

They battled it out all season long with their awe-inspiring LEGO builds, but ultimately it was Team USA who won the sixth season of LEGO Masters Australia

Best friends from Germany Felix and Annalena were fan favourites to win after consistent victories all season long but ended the competition in second place.

As for mother and son duo Dianne and Shane from Western Australia, they finished the competition in third place after the final challenge saw all three finalists tasked with building whatever they wanted within a 28-hour period. 

Read more about the finale here.


Ben and Eric

These best buds had their dreams of achieving LEGO Masters glory cut short in the semi-finals. 

Tasked with building their own floating lily pad world with real water and a pre-chosen colour palette in just ten hours, the team built a Pink Bonsai Tree and Fairy Village.

But they lost two hours to brainstorming at the beginning which placed them significantly behind their competitors.

“There’s one enemy of opportunities and that’s time and unfortunately Ben and Eric that got you,” the Brickman lamented to the boys. 

“We can always look back at missed opportunities but to where we got and the way everything unfolded I think it’s been a beautiful journey,” the duo signed off.

Peter and Ida. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Peter and Ida

To celebrate 85 years of Batman, the teams were given just eight hours to build an awe-inspiring vehicle and action scene inspired by the infamous DC villain they were handed. 

Danish couple Peter and Ida were given The Penguin and built a giant penguin vehicle controlled by a miniature ‘penguin’ out of LEGO that was terrorising the treats of Gotham City. 

Unfortunately, however, their build wasn’t as distinctly on theme as other teams were, and an emotional Brickman made the tough decision to eliminate them from the competition.

“If we took that Minifugure out, we probably couldn’t tell it’s The Penguin,” he shared. 

“I just feel like it needed to be something a bit more out there from a penguin perspective.”

Charlie and Haley. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Charlie and Haley

In episode seven, the contestants were tasked with building a classic TV show inside a box frame. For best friends Charlie and Haley, building a scene from SpongeBob SquarePants was a no-brainer considering Haley was a super fan. 

Unfortunately, despite their attention to detail, the Brickman did criticise the pair for the scale of their design and ultimately they were eliminated from the competition.

Despite being saddened by their departure, Charlie said it had been “amazing” to compete in LEGO Masters

“Everyone here is incredible and it’s been a great experience,” Charlie lamented. 

“To be able to build with Charlie and make seven challenges is crazy,” Haley added.

Camille and Caroline. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Camille and Caroline

There were plenty of tears when French siblings Camille and Caroline were eliminated in episode four from LEGO Masters after their LEGO cake and stand replica failed to live up to the real thing. 

Tasked with making the design as lifelike as possible, the pair embarked on the toughest design challenge out of all the contestants. 

Sadly, however, this decision resulted in their removal from the competition.

“Maybe it was too hard for us, but we are quite proud not to leave on an easy object,” an emotional Camille shared.

But it wasn’t all heartbreak, Caroline adding that her time on LEGO Masters had given her “the most happiest moments of my life.”

Sam and Emilio. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Sam and Emilio

In episode three, Sam and Emilio’s time on LEGO Masters came to an end after their take on the Twisted Tales challenge that combined a beloved fairytale with a classic genre failed to stack up to its competitors.

For the build, the teams were judged on their ability to mix the two elements together.

Sam and Emilio built Peter Pan and Captain Hook battling in the Colosseum and while they were praised for their “awesome” attention to detail, they were criticised for the small scale of their design and were ultimately eliminated.

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