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Logie and AACTA award-winning TV series, LEGO Masters is a Nine Network family favourite. Regarded for its light-heartedness and exceptional creative outputs, it’s no wonder the show has amassed such a cult following.

2024 marks the series’ sixth season, where Australian-based teams will face off against contenders from the likes of France, Germany, Denmark, and the USA. 

WATCH NOW: The grand finale builds from season one of LEGO Masters Australia.

In a competition that assesses skill, creativity, and ability to cope under pressure and time constraints, series’ judge Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught has his work cut out for him. 

For those following the show and all its zany antics (led by loveable prankster Hamish Blake), it’s undeniable that these builders are impressive. 

In each episode, cameras follow the LEGO experts and enthusiasts as they create to their heart’s content. Considering the show itself films for hours on end, viewers may find themselves pondering what isn’t shown on screen.

Scott and Owen’s winning season five build. (Credit: Channel Nine)

A key question on many viewers’ lips; what happens to the builds once they’re complete?

They take hours of excruciating work, they’re the subject of triumph, the subject of despair… but audiences may be disappointed to find out that competition builds are not kept intact.

That’s right. Once an episode wraps, each team has a sorter who breaks down their model after the episode.

As for the building process itself, competitors have access to the Brick Pit – the mammoth brick supply of LEGO aficionados’ dreams. 

The famous Brick Pit. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Consisting of a whopping 4 million bricks, the LEGO Masters‘ Brick Pit is almost never-ending. For finales, an additional 20,000 specialty bricks are also brought in.

How much is it worth, you ask? According to Nine, the vault is valued at $1.2 million dollars. 

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