Kyle Sandilands is a radio ‘no-show’ again

Leaving fill in Beau Ryan scrambling.

Radio host Kyle Sandilands’ health battle has continues, as the shock jock leaves Jackie O’ left to do their morning show with fill-in Beau Ryan. 

Last week, Jackie O’ caused alarm when she announced on air that ‘nobody knew’ where Kyle was after he had failed to turn up to work two days in a row. 

Later, Sandilands told The Daily Telegraph he was struggling with his new blood pressure medications. 

This morning, Jackie was once again left to host the show solo. 

‘No Kyle. Oh we are going solo,’ she said. 

‘We are used to this now,’ a producer chimed in. 

Henderson went on to joke about Ryan being on call for Sandilands regular sick days.

‘Beau is on his way. Poor Beau has to fang it every morning,’ she said.

‘Every night he is always on standby.

‘He wakes every morning at 4:30. Today we didn’t know until 5:05.’ 

Beau even admitted that he no longer makes morning meetings, ‘in case Kyle calls in sick.’ 


Last week, competing radio show Jonesy & Amanda took the win over Kyle and Jackie O’s breakfast show in the latest rating survey. Following the disappointing results, Kyle went ‘missing.’ 

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