‘This is a silent killer’: Kyle Sandilands reveals shock health diagnosis

The radio host broke down in tears.
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Shock jock Kyle Sandilands‘ emotional 60 Minutes interview with Karl Stefanovic has led to a startling revelation about the dire state of his health.

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In a candid interview on Sunday, Kyle stayed true to his unfiltered and blunt nature his radio listeners are all too familiar with.

Until, interviewer Karl asked the 48-year-old about his health.

The LA based radio star admitted, “it’s better now than it has been,” before revealing he’s been battling high blood pressure for 15 years.

“Maybe two weeks, three weeks ago I had the blood pressure machine on and the… actually, the blood pressure was, was good, for the first time in probably fifteen years,” he said.

Karl Stefanovic 60 Minutes
Karl was caught off guard by Kyle’s reaction. (Credit: 60 Minutes, Channel Nine)

Overwhelmed by the result, Kyle revealed he nearly broke down.

“That’s when I got… I started to well up, and got all emotional and nearly cried,” he continued. The condition, he explained, could kill him at any moment, without warning.

“I thought ‘Oh, maybe I can actually get this blood pressure under control. Maybe I won’t just die one day without any warning.’”

“It’s no muck around. This is a silent killer.”

Kyle and Jackie 0
Kyle had a confession to make to Jackie O. (Credit: 60 Minutes, Channel Nine)

That’s when Kyle got really emotional, while telling Jackie O he loves her, he began to cry, catching both Jackie O and Karl by surprise.

“There’s a condition I’ve been diagnosed with and I haven’t spoke to anyone about,” he began.

“Are you joking?” Jackie asks before Kyle responds: “Yeah”.

It was just another one of Kyle’s “cruel” jokes, something you’d imagine Jackie O would be accustomed to after 20 years working together on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

For all his crude jokes and “scandalous” commentary, Jackie O swears Kyle has a softer side – although that doesn’t make him any easier to work with.

Kyle and Jackie O
Kyle and Jackie O aren’t strangers to making headlines. (Credit: Instagram)

“The hardest part when working with Kyle, is that he has this really beautiful side…and then with that comes this other side that you just think, “Oh no, why do you have to say that? Why?’” Jackie O explained.

While their sometimes-questionable antics have earned them a number one radio spot, Jackie O admits they’ve learned from their mistakes, too.

“Trying to stay number one is harder than getting to number one because you’re there and then you think, okay, what else should we do? We’ve already done this shocking segment. How can we do another shocking…Something even more shocking.”

“I think that’s where our thought process was back then and thank God we’ve learned from that and we don’t do that sort,” she said.

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