Kyle and Leslie: “We’ve made our boys proud.”

Home is where the heart is for these fan favourites.
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While some of this year’s Blockheads are frantically trying to repair their public images (or so claims Kristy), much-loved couple Kyle and Leslie say what we’ve seen of them has been the real deal. 

As a result, they couldn’t be “happier” with how they’ve come across on TV!

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New Idea is spending the afternoon with the pair and their sons Luca, 11, and Archer, seven, at their home in Perth. 

Filming has wrapped and they are anxiously awaiting next month’s auction day. 

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With the sun shining and their boys running around the backyard, it’s clear Kyle and Leslie, both 36, are very happy to have escaped the drama that has tainted this season of The Block. 

When it comes to their marriage, the couple say “it just works.” (Credit: New Idea)

“Being away from the boys was single-handedly the most difficult thing,” Kyle tells us. 

“If we were ever asked to do it again, it would be a case of trying to get the boys closer to us and at least see them once a week.” 

While the couple were in Melbourne for filming, Kyle’s mum and Leslie’s parents and sister jumped in to help take care of Luca and Archer. 

They tell us all their family and friends are “really excited” and “proud” of what they’ve achieved on the show – and for not loosing their integrity. 

Kyle and Leslie are thrilled to be back with sons Luca and Archer. (Credit: New Idea)

As the other Houses waged war against each other, Kyle and Leslie opted to stay neutral, leading them to be nicknamed “Team Switzerland.”

Despite the stress and lack of sleep that is part and parcel of competing on the renovation series, Kyle and Leslie remained a tight unit throughout filming. 

They say that their success comes down to being able to “ask for help” without rubbing each other the “wrong way.”

“We’ve been through a lot together,” Leslie, an educational assistant explains. 

“Being so young when we first had Luca, then having Archer, then at two and a half he was diagnosed with autism.”

“We support each other with each other’s strengths, and you just get on with it.”

While being away from their boys was hard, Kyle and Leslie say the sacrifice was worth it. (Credit: New Idea)

While Kyle and Leslie do get recognised by fans, they say their lives have pretty much returned to normal. 

For firefighter Kyle, this includes preparing for a scorching – and potentially deadly – summer. 

The devoted dad has been battling blazes for 11 years. 

He tells us, “It’s hard to know what to expect. All the signs are pointing to a difficult season. It’s great that people are becoming more aware of the danger that summer brings for catastrophic bushfires.”

“It’s not great that we have to go through this every summer, but that’s the reality of where we live.”

Kyle and Leslie have been having a hoot of a time on The Block. (Credit: Instagram/Channel Nine)

Once summer is over, the couple, who applied for The Block four times before they were finally cast, hope to jump back on the renovation train. 

“The boys are getting older and we’re outgrowing our place,” Kyle shares. 

“You get the renovation bug after being on The Block. You can see the potential that you’ve got and don’t want to miss out on that opportunity.”

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