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After a two-year hiatus, KFC is bringing back their most beloved burger ever – the legendary Tower Burger. 

WATCH NOW: This is how KFC makes its signature gravy. Article continues after video. 

Comprised of a KFC Original Recipe chicken fillet coated in the Colonel’s 11 Secret Herbs and Spices, tangy tomato sauce, a classic cheese slice, mayo, fresh lettuce, and a crispy hash brown, this burger is a fan favourite for a reason!

And for those wanting some extra kick, you can swap out the Original Recipe chicken fillet for a Zinger fillet. 

The Tower Burger is finger licking good! (Credit: KFC)

Ever since the burger was first added to the KFC menu back in 2021 for a shortlived, yet glorious stint, fans of the fast food giant have been pleading with the brand to bring the beloved burger back. 

“After two years of fans around the country passionately calling for its return, we are so thrilled to bring the legendary Tower Burger back to our menus nationwide,” Chief Marketing Officer at KFC Australia Sally Spriggs said. 

“For all those who have been patiently waiting to get their hands on this delicious burger again, we encourage you to get in quick as you never know when it’ll make its next return to Aussie shores.”

The burger is returning after a two year hiatus. (Credit: KFC)

Fans will have to get their hands on this unicorn burger quickly as it’s here for a good time and not a long time!

The return comes on the back of KFC Original Mashies also being brought back to the menu for a limited time only. 

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The Tower Burger is available for purchase now until Monday, July 10th. 

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