OMG! KFC has released a NEW chicken nugget burger!

The meal of our dreams


KFC’s ‘hidden menu’ feature has left devoted fans of the fast-food chain utterly overwhelmed and excited since its inception, but the latest mouth-watering meal they’ve added to their secret spread is none other than a burger with – wait for it – CHICKEN NUGGET FILLING.

Watch! Everything you need to know about KFC’s secret chicken nugget burger! 

The burger is called “The Nug-A-Lot”, and according to 7News, one happy user – who spotted the burger of his dreams while scanning the secret menu – described the meal as “basically a fillet burger with nuggets, cheese and supercharged sauce”. 

Where do we sign? 

(Credit: Supplied)

In an official statement made by the popular fast food chain, the burger is described as “iconic Original Recipe Fillet, cheese, supercharged sauce, mayonnaise, and golden chicken nuggets”.

So how do you access KFC’s secret menu? 

For all those chicken nugget lovers out there who want to get their hands on this burger, all you need to do is download the KFC app!

Once you’re in the app select the store near you, tap order and scroll down the menu bar until you see the iconic Colonel icon. 

According to 7News, the secret KFC menu will be updated monthly, so keep your eyes peeled chicken lovers! 

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