Kerri-Anne Kennerley on Denise Drysdale & her new Studio 10 co-hosts

AND the host dishes on THAT brussels sprout incident.

Earlier this year Jessica Rowe left the Studio 10 panel to spend time with her children, followed soon after by Ita Buttrose. There were rumours of tensions between colleagues, which culminated in the infamous ‘brussels-sprout incident’, in which Denise Drysdale reportedly hurled the vegetables at Buttrose during a Christmas shoot.

Drysdaleis now, for the record, on a break from the show.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley will join Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand, Denise Scott and Angela Bishop on the panel.

Speaking to WHO, Kerri-Anne speaks out on her new co-hosts.

How well do you know the others on the desk?

Not that well. The first time I met Sarah I was doing Mornings at Nine and she was in the makeup area nervously pacing up and down. I asked her, “Is something wrong?” She said, ‘I’ve just come down from Queensland and I’m doing the Today show weather and it’s my first day.’ She was so sweet.

You’ve known Denise Drysdale for years. How is she going?

I think she’s doing a cruise this month. Whatever she is doing, I’m not privy to. I think when you’re doing a few days a week you do need a change of pace. And when people have been in a spot for a while it’s only natural they have a break and come back refreshed.

You won’t be throwing any brussels sprouts around the set, will you?

I don’t even know what happened there.

I keep hearing stories about it, but I’m not really up with it. I hope she’s [Drysdale] having a fabulous time.

With Kerri-Anne’s appointment onto the Studio 10 roster, insiders told New Idea last week that her co-stars were feeling ‘unappreciated.’ 

An insider said that Sarah Harris and Denise Drysdale in particular are unhappy about this latest shake-up of the morning talk show, especially after Kerri-Anne slammed the program’s poor ratings as ‘shocking’ on the same day her new gig was announced.

‘Their noses are out of joint since the announcement and it’s fair to say that Kerri-Anne’s comments haven’t gone down well,’ says the insider.

‘The chat among the Studio 10 team is that Kerri-Anne will bring nothing but the wrong kind of drama to the show. She’s used to being the centre of attention with her own show, and she’s not really known in the industry as a team player.’

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