Kerri-Anne Kennerley returns to television

The Queen is back!

While Network Ten bosses hope adding Kerri-Anne Kennerley to the Studio 10 roster will save the show, behind the scenes her new co-stars are feeling unappreciated.

An insider tells New Idea that Sarah Harris and Denise Drysdale in particular are unhappy about this latest shake-up of the morning talk show, especially after Kerri-Anne slammed the program’s poor ratings as ‘shocking’ on the same day her new gig was announced.

‘Their noses are out of joint since the announcement and it’s fair to say that Kerri-Anne’s comments haven’t gone down well,’ says the insider.

‘The chat among the Studio 10 team is that Kerri-Anne will bring nothing but the wrong kind of drama to the show. She’s used to being the centre of attention with her own show, and she’s not really known in the industry as a team player.


They’re also all talking about her high salary and wardrobe allowance, which is definitely more generous than anything the other presenters are getting.’

An interview with The Daily Telegraph has only increased their concern. In it, Kerri-Anne was quick to mention the ailing show’s poor ratings – which are as low as 50,000 in urban areas – noting they are ‘an issue’.

‘I have been on the record as saying before… I think the show has such a feel good factor that if it wasn’t on Channel 10 it would have rated a whole bunch better,’ she said, adding, ‘The ratings are obviously pretty shocking, to be quite frank, at the moment, so let’s hope they improve.’

When she discussed her new two-days-a-week role during a live cross with her Studio 10 colleagues the same day, Kerri-Anne quickly backtracked, telling Angela Bishop that she was very glad to be joining the team, saying, ‘I think there’s, you know, a huge future for Ten. It’s certainly, er, on…on the rise.’

Despite her concerns, Sarah – who has two young sons, Paul, two, and nine-month-old Harry – has maintained a professional stance since the announcement.

In an official statement to New Idea, Sarah said: ‘We all adore KAK and we’re all so excited that the Queen of morning TV is joining our little panel.’

And, quick to post congratulations on Instagram and Twitter, she captioned a picture of Kerri-Anne, ‘All hail Queen KAK!’ and remained silent as a host of commenters speculated that the Logie Hall of Fame winner would save Studio 10; one even posted, ‘better hold onto you[r] seat Sarah’.

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