Australian Idol winner ‘busted with Ice and weapons’

The former A-list star has hit rock bottom
australian idol

Australian Idol winner, platinum-selling solo artist and onetime Young Divas star Kate DeAraugo is in big trouble – allegedly busted with the drug ice and a cache of weapons by police in Shepparton.

According to a report in the Shepparton News, the former household name, 31, was twice caught with methamphetamine over a five day period.

The star was allegedly found with .43 grams of ice, and five days later was found with ‘a trafficable quantity’ of the drug, as well as a large knife and a tomahawk.

A drugs test allegedly found she was driving under the influence of the drug. According to the Shepparton News, the matter has been adjourned until October 4, and will be heard at Bendigo Magistrates’ Court.


Kate has had a difficult run since her recording career declined – including past run ins with the law and fluctuating weight. She has yet to publicly comment on her latest crisis. 

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