EXCLUSIVE: Julia Morris makes wild I’m A Celeb jungle confession

"I'd be the worst campmate..."
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Julia Morris is having a roaring good time being back on deck for her 10th season of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here

But with a new co-host by her side, the jungle looks a little different this year…

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Why do you think the show is still such a hit with viewers?

It has it all – comedy, heart, redemption. It also lets us fall in love with many celebrities all over again. 

If you were to ever compete on the show, who would you like as a campmate?

I doubt very highly I could ever be a contestant. That is why, all jokes aside, I do really admire our celebrities. Apart from the camping, I am not sure I would nail the self-reflection..I would be too busy whingeing.

Julia is returning to host her 10th season of I’m a Celeb. (Credit: Supplied)

What’s it been like gaining a new co-host in the form of Robert Irwin?

There is a pure excitement that has taken over the show. We seriously cannot believe our luck that we have global Wildlife Warrior, Robert [taking] up the magnificent mantle left by our beloved Doctor [Dr Chris Brown].

We are in the enviable and rare position of getting to carry this 10-year legacy into a funny, warm, and insane future. It’s like winning the lottery twice.

These two certainly make a dynamic duo. (Credit: Channel Ten)

How do you unwind after the fun of the jungle?

Oh my God, the word ‘unwind’ really made me laugh! 

After the brutal onslaught of the jungle shoot, I return to my other very full-time job – personal assistant to two teenagers! I am in constant employ. 

Then there is my side hustle – ‘Mum’s Uber’, most weekends with a 1am pickup. Mind you, I do get my mornings off. 

Solo parenting is pretty relentless…and to be honest, the 12-hour, nonstop, crazy days in the jungle feel like a vacation in comparison!

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7:30pm on Network 10 and 10Play.

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