JonBenet Ramsey’s brother settles defamation case against CBS

New report reveals details

JonBenet Ramsey’s brother Burke has settled a US$750 million lawsuit against CBS.

Last year, Burke slapped the broadcaster with a defamation lawsuit for fingering him as his sister’s killer in the 2016 docu-series, The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey.

jonbenet ramsey brother settles lawsuit
Burke Ramsey (Credit: Dr Phil)

The case remains officially unsolved, nearly 22 years after JonBenet was discovered in the basement of the family’s Boulder, Colorado, home on Christmas Day 1996.

“Burke’s definitely gotten some justice,” a Ramsey family insider told US publication, InTouch.

Meanwhile, Burke’s lawyer Lin Wood tweeted “Mission accomplished”.

jonbenet ramsey brother settles lawsuit
(Credit: Getty)

The amount of the settlement was undisclosed but Wood did say it was “to the satisfaction of all parties”.

“I can only comment on that the defamation cases were amicably resolved to the satisfaction of all parties,” revealed Wood.

“This is one of the most egregious cases of defamation i have ever known” Wood added.

jonbenet ramsey brother settles lawsuit
(Credit: Getty)

The lawyer has handled many defamation cases for the family over the past 20 years and hopes this is the last.

“After handling many defamation cases for them over the past 20 years, hopefully this is my last defamation case for this fine family”.

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