Jonathan LaPaglia admits to Survivor editing scam


Australian Survivor host Jonathan LaPaglia has been forced to defend the shows editing after fans took to social media to slam the results of a controversial challenge. 

The outrage occurred following a Dual Challenge between Daisy Richardson and Simon Black.

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The challenge saw the pair having to stand on a balance beam while using a pole to navigate discs through a spring-balanced maze. Once the discs were moved through the maze, the players had to stack all 10 discs before claiming victory.

Simon was the winner of the challenge but fans of the show took to social media to question why LaPaglia was counting Daisy’s discs tally so slowly. 

(Credit: Channel 10)

“The countdown for Daisy was so slow. That was bulls**t,” said one fan on Twitter.

“That countdown seemed somewhat inconsistent to Daisy’s” said another.

Jonathan later took to social media to confront the claims.

(Credit: Channel 10)

“I see a lot of people upset at my counting in this challenge but the anger seems misdirected. I can assure you I am a staunch defender of the integrity of the game and do everything I can to make sure it is fair on the floor. However once it’s shot, it’s out of my hands. This challenge did not play out as depicted in the edit,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Simon undoubtedly won the playoff, no question. Now I guess a decision was made in post production to edit out the playoff and create a more exciting ‘horse race’ (even though in reality Simon and Daisy were not neck and neck at that point). In doing so they grabbed a countdown from somewhere else for Daisy. That’s why they don’t sound the same. That being said, Simon won fair and square. And sometimes things are rearranged in the edit to make it more exciting for the viewer. That doesn’t mean it’s rigged. In this case it means the editing wasn’t as sharp as it could have been,” LaPaglia wrote.

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