EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Jessika Power defends Hayley and Stacey cheating

The former bride knows exactly why they did what she did on the show.
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Last year, Married At First Sight was rocked to its core when it was exposed that Jessika Power cheated on her husband Mick Gould with intruder Dan Webb.

In an exceptionally brave move, Jessika is weighing in on the Stacey and Hayley cheating allegations. 

WATCH BELOW: Jessika Power rips into MAFS cast after the shocking cheating scandals 

In her exclusive video diary with New Idea, Jessika says, “I don’t know if I’m the right person to be commenting on this because I obviously cheated.”

Confessing if she’d do the same thing, Jessika understands the mindset Hayley and Stacey may have been in. 

Jessika Power

The blonde TV star explained to us that she and Hayley are “really good mates”, but admitted she wasn’t a fan of her comments about David being a “dog”.

Despite that, Jess is in awe of Hayley’s strength.

“Haley walked into this dinner party and she let everybody know straight off. She approached Stacey coming into the dinner party as well. It takes a lot of balls. And I know firsthand how it feels. Sitting in a room with your peers who you’ve been filming with for weeks… it’s a lot.”

“So I do have to commend Haley for doing that. Let’s talk about going into that dinner party…”

“Do you really expect us all to believe that nothing happened? You are nothing but a narcissistic lying dog. There it is.”

“There is no way Haley would lie and say that she kissed you.”

Jessika explains that Hayley understands the ramifications that come from cheating on the show – following her experience last year.


“There is no way she wants to put that label on herself. She wouldn’t stand up in front of her peers also and lie. Nor would she cry. Now Haley is a strong woman she calls a spade a spade. She doesn’t talk shit. She doesn’t lie and I just know her as being very black and white.”

Jess cleared up the status of Hayley and David’s romance when the kiss happened.

“I just want you all to know that her David had actually been in separate hotels for a very very long time prior to this all happening when you’re in these situations and you were in a secluded hotel in Sydney with no friends no family. The guy he married turns out to be an absolute d-ck.”

“Of course you could hurt somebody else somebody that’s showing you affection somebody that’s showing you attention. And unfortunately Haley it was this slimeball Michael sort of way.”



“I do actually feel sorry for Stacey in this situation. I know. I feel sorry for her. She from what I can tell with her facial expressions [her face doesn’t move that much] so from what I can tell – I think she feels that she generally had something real with Michael. I’m hoping I’m getting his name right because all I want is calling this slimeball.”

“I think she had something genuine him and that’s really really sad.”

“But it also is silly and naive of her to sit there and say to Hayley you took advantage of my husband when he was drunk. Come on babe come on. Let’s all be adults here.”

“He is just as accountable as Hayley is. And I thought tonight was a real show of people’s character to who was bullying her. I think David is sick to stand up in the middle of the dinner party and say to say to, ‘Michael Oh I wish I could shake your hand might for saying that you know for showing everybody who she really is’.”

“Babe sit down.”

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