Jen’s nightmare: Ange and Justin’s secret is out

Targeted by her love rival!

The rumours have been flying! Exes Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have reunited in the months following their respective splits, and some reports claim, they’re already talking about starting a family of their own. Life & Style claims Angelina Jolie isn’t happy about it.

‘She hates that everyone still roots for golden couple Jen and Brad,’ says a friend.

‘She’s always painted as the villain in their original breakup.’ 

Angelina’s out for revenge! 


Angelina is, according to Life & Style, is using Jen’s ex-husband Justin Theroux to get it. 

The US publication has learnt that Angelina has been trying to seduce the actor to spite Jen.

‘When Angie was in NYC recently,’ reveals the friend, ‘she got a hold of Justin via his team under the guise of talking about a movie role with him.’

Even though Angie is his ex’s longtime rival, he agreed to a dinner. 

‘She asked him to meet up at his favourite restaurant,’ a source says.

‘There was instant chemistry and they ended up talking all night. Afterward, Justin raved to pals that he’d had dinner with the most beautiful and fascinating woman in the world.’ 


Angelina knows how to get what she wants.

‘The whole dinner was very orchestrated. She did her homework and picked a restaurant Justin loved.’

The dimly lit downtown location wasn’t the only thing that appealed to Justin during the secret rendezvous. 

He and Angie found out they had so much in common!

‘They laughed when they first sat down because they were both wearing all black,’ says a source. 

‘Justin joked that he felt like he was in the middle of a spy novel, and they both laughed again.’

Angelina Jolie and Justin Theroux are yet to respond to Life & Style’s report. 

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