Camilla steals the crown! Inside her secret plot to destroy Kate

Palace mole revealed!
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As Christmas nears and preparations for their lavish celebrations get under way, the royal family are facing what could be a drama-filled and tense festive season as Camilla makes a shock move to become Queen.

A source tells New Idea that, amid multiple reports that Kate and Meghan are feuding, comes the news that the Duchess of Cornwall could be responsible for the leaks that have publicised their behind-the-scenes squabbles.

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Ever since news broke that the young royals are not getting along, courtiers have been given orders to urgently track down who’s responsible for the constant stream of revelations that have appeared in the British press.

Now, the loose-lipped culprit has been revealed as Camilla, who has reportedly cooked up this plot to turn the young royals against each other in a bid to ensure Charles is still crowned king and she becomes the official queen consort.

“Camilla has always been jealous of the young, popular royals and this was her chance to mess up their futures,” explains the insider.

“She knew the Queen might announce her abdication in her Christmas speech and this was Camilla’s way of securing her future. There were too many rumours that the Queen was going to skip over Charles in favour of William.”


When the tension between the ‘Fab Four’ reached fever pitch, the two couples decided to celebrate Christmas separately.

Kate and William were set to join Carole and Michael at the Middleton home, Bucklebury Manor, while Meghan and Harry were going to spend theirs with the rest of the royals – and Meghan’s mum Doria – at Sandringham.

But earlier this month it was announced that the whole family would in fact spend the day together, sparking rumours that the Queen had laid down the law and insisted on a public display of unity.

“Behind closed doors there is set to be the showdown of all showdowns as Meghan and Kate are furious with each other,” says the insider. “And now Camilla has been exposed as being responsible for the leaks, she will be facing some angry young royals as well.”

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