‘I Stole Madeleine McCann’

Man makes ‘confession’ in sickening way.

A man in the party town of Magaluf, Spain, apparently got this sickening Madeleine McCann-inspired tattoo.

Underneath a  pair of bells and above a small heart, the words ‘I Stole Madeleine McCann’

The photo was shared to Twitter, where the poster, Nath, said that ‘only in Maga’ would you see such a thing.

The Spanish party town is infamous for it’s drunken frivolity, which inspired the paper The Daily Star to ask what are the worst tattoos people have gotten – which is where this tweet surfaced.

The man who got the tattoo claims he has no regrets about the tasteless ink:

And his friends clearly think it’s amusing the attention he has gotten for it:

The hunt for Madeleine McCann received a final infusion of funds this year when Scotland Yard said the were chasing up a promising lead.

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