House Rules Toad and Mandy: Our twin surprise

Toad and Mandy would love to win the cash to pay off their huge debts and help them raise their twins.

Farmers Toad and Mandy are excited to be heading home to their young twins when the competition is over, and Toad is already planning to add to their brood.

‘I’d love to have another set of twins!’ Toad enthuses.

But Mandy isn’t so sure. ‘The house is crazy enough with just one pair right now, so I’m happy to stay where we are!’ she insists.

The pair came to House Rules laden with debt. The owners of a 150-year- old rundown former inn, the young couple are praying they’ll win the $355,000 cash prize so they can finally get married and pay off their debts.

‘We worked so hard, we’re just hoping our good work will pay off so we can live the life we always wanted,’ says Mandy.

The pair admit that working on the show together was challenging.

‘Only when Mandy listened to me would we win extra points,’ laughs Toad.

‘Toad would come up with ideas but often we clash on who was right! Thinking on the spot was hard especially in the grand final, so we did fight a lot,’ recalls Mandy.

It also appears that the pair clashed with their competitors Mel and Dave in the Grand Final. ‘There are House Rules and Mel and Dave’s Rules,’ reveals Toad.

‘They would bend the rules to try and make it suit themselves, they didn’t play fair at times. They thought more about themselves than the homeowner,’ he adds.

‘Mandy and I played fair, we tried to think about the homeowner, and we got the better results.’

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