Home & Away spoiler alert! Showdown between Brody & Ziggy

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Completely devastated when she discovers Brody (Jackson Heywood) is not prepared to fight for their marriage, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) now makes the heart-wrenching decision to move out of their cottage. But, life isn’t about to get easier for Brody and his new love Simone (Emily Eskell), with the duo facing the wrath of their community.

“Brody wants to make sure Ziggy is OK, but he’s made the decision that he wants to be with Simone and it’s like they’re a ‘diseased couple’ now,” says Jackson. “No-one wants to go near them and no-one, including Brody’s own family, is even trying to see their side of the story.”


Indeed, at Summer Bay High, where she is now working for Ziggy’s mother, principal Maggie (Kestie Morassi), as a support teacher, Simone finds herself on the receiving end of Maggie’s fury. Maggie makes it clear that, if it was up to her, Simone would be out of a job. And Simone’s week goes from bad to worse when Raffy (Olivia Deeble) screams at her in front of her classmates.

“Brody feels terrible when he finds out about this,” says Jackson. “She doesn’t have any connections to the Bay, so it’s easier for people to hate her.”

Brody returns to the cottage he shared with Ziggy and finds a smashed framed wedding photo along with his wife’s wedding ring. What will Simone and Brody do now?

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