EXCLUSIVE: Goggleboxers Matt and Kate Dalton dish on their least favourite shows and the reality TV series they would NEVER join

"I would rather have amputated my leg than watch that show."
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Goggleboxers Matt and Kate Dalton have been inviting the nation into their living room since 2015 to join them and their two daughters in front of the box. 

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And while dealing with the trials and tribulations of raising young adult girls can be hard enough without being in the public eye, the couple firmly believe that their Gogglebox gig has only brought them that much closer to Millie, 23, and Holly, 22. 

“It would be a huge void for us if [Gogglebox] was ever to go,” Kate tells New Idea.

“Now the girls are in their early twenties and working full-time, we’d probably never get to see them otherwise!”

As they continue relishing the ‘enforced’ family time, Matt and Kate open up about life on the couch, celebrity encounters and what other reality shows they’d love to appear on.  

The Dalton’s have been on Gogglebox for 8 years! (Credit: Ten)

After eight years, is it weird to watch TV with no cameras?

KATE: Well, we sort of hibernate when we watch TV by ourselves. I just like to snuggle in and watch a boring show.

Do you ever forget about the cameras now?

KATE: Yeah. Sometimes I have to tone down.

What are your guilty-pleasure shows to watch?

KATE: I’ve been secretly watching The Farmer Wants A Wife.

MATT: I sometimes watch shows like Botched late at night. That’s a show that I’m not proud of, but once you start watching a minute, you cannot look away! It makes your life seem so normal compared to other people’s. 

We would love to see the family on Travel Guides! (Credit: Instagram)

Are there any celebrities you’d be scared to run into after what you’ve said about them on the show?

MATT: We didn’t always say complimentary things about the interactions on The Real Housewives of Melbourne. One night I went to a dinner and I heard, “Matthew, get over here.” It was Gina [Liano] and Lydia [Schiavello] from the show! Gina was really nice but Lydia wasn’t exactly singing our praises, if you know what I mean!

What reality show would you love to go on? 

MATT: I’m not too sure how long we’d last on MasterChef, and certainly wouldn’t want the kids going on Married at First Sight!

KATE: We’d say The Amazing Race or Travel Guides. I’d love to be on Travel Guides. But you’ll never catch us on The Block.

So, no plans coming up for renovations then?

KATE:  No, oh my God, we’d kill each other! It’d make good TV, but we wouldn’t be a family anymore.

The Dalton’s (Credit: Instagram)

What’s the worst thing you’ve had to watch for Gogglebox?

KATE: Oh, Cosmic [Love] …

MATT: It was this American show on cosmic dating. It was all – so someone from Philadelphia is an Aries, and we’ve matched them with Matthew from Baltimore who’s a Scorpio. I would rather have amputated my leg than watch that show. 

Will you ever put the remote down for good? 

KATE: There will always be a time. You never know when that time will arrive. Everything has to come to an end. 

MATT: It’s not a decision that we’ll make, but all four of us have to. Now the girls are working full-time, if it becomes a little bit more arduous for them or if they move interstate. Who knows what happens in the future.

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