Georgie Gardner admits to ‘friction’ with co-host Karl Stefanovic

After months of speculation, Georgie confirms there’s tension.

Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner have confessed there is ‘friction’ between them, following months of speculation following Karl’s now-infamous ‘Ubergate‘ scandal. 

The Today Show co-hosts were guests on the Hughesy & Kate show yesterday afternoon and were probed about their relationship. 

Kate Langbroek asked, ‘There’s a fraction of friction between you two,’ to which Gardner replied, ‘A fraction too much friction.’

‘Is there too much?’ Langbroek further asked. 

‘Occasionally,’ Gardner admitted.

The pair were then asked what they last fought about and Gardner said: ‘There was a bit of tension on our thoughts on Donald Trump.

‘And then there was the time that you got a bit narky that I had a slightly bigger dressing room,’ Gardner said to Stefanovic.

‘I had a full meltdown,’ Stefanovic joked.

The radio hosts then asked the duo about this weekend’s Logies, where the Today show hosts will be joined by Karl’s brother, Peter Stefanovic. 

On the topic of Pete, Langbroek asked, ‘Have you made up after your Ubergate thing.’

‘No,’ Karl replied. 

‘Are you really shady at him?’ Langbroek further grilled.

‘Nah, he’s just a s**t of a brother and a shocking person,’ Stefanovic said. ‘He’s irresponsible.’

pete and karl
(Credit: Instagram)

In the ‘Ubergate’ phone call, Stefanovic was overheard by an Uber driver who later exclusively talked to New Idea

In the call, Karl accused Gardner of ‘sitting on the fence’ and not having enough opinions. 

The driver told New Idea that Stefanovic became angry as he asserted that Gardner needed to ‘step up’ if she ‘wanted to stay on the show.’

Speaking on Hughesy & Kate, Stefanovic said: ‘Georgie was so incredibly good about that…I thought she was going to hit me.’

‘I remember thinking to myself, ‘Gee, I wonder who that is?’ And then it became apparent it was us,’ Gardner said, recalling reading a vague article about a ‘war at breakfast.’ 

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