Here’s how you can learn to swim – for FREE!

Allianz Australia is here to help you become more confident in the water
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Allianz Australia has teamed up with AUSTSwim and Masters Swimming Australia to launch a free-to-learn swimming program for adults who can’t swim.

The Allianz Swim Club has been specially designed for adults to equip them with the skills they need to swim confidently in time for summer and bridge the gap for those who feel like they “missed the boat” when it comes to learning swimming skills. 

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According to Allianz, the program was “unique” and was not just about lessons “but about community and belonging.”

“At Allianz, everything we do is about inspiring confidence in tomorrow, not just for our customers, but for all Australians, and this promise is at the core of the Allianz Swim Club,” Allianz Australia Managing Director, Richard Feledy said in an official statement. 

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“The program aims to help Australian adults who can’t swim, feel more confident in the water, and ultimately embrace the very best of Australian culture, of which swimming, water, and the ocean are so central.”

“90 percent of Aussies agree there is a need for an adult swimming lesson program. We wanted to act on this by offering free lessons in a fun, encouraging, and nonjudgemental environment to help these Australians be ready to enjoy the water in time for summer.”

Olympic athletes Cate Campbell and Owen Wright are both ambassadors for the program (Credit: Supplied)

According to data collected by Allianz, almost 60 percent of Australian adults either can’t swim or want to be more confident in the water. 

An additional 20 percent of Australian adults reportedly feel like they “missed the boat” when it came to learning due to not having the opportunity as a child. 

And whilst an overwhelming 93% of Aussies agree that swimming is an integral part of Australian life, access to swimming lessons as an adult can provide challenging for a variety of reasons. 

Swimming is an integral part of Australian life. (Credit: Getty)

Olympic champion and Allianz Swim Club Ambassador Cate Campbell said that helping adults learn to swim was a cause that resonated with her. 

“Not only will the program prevent drownings and help hundreds of adults feel confident in the water, but it will provide an opportunity to get more involved in their local community. I’m excited that the participants will get the discover the joys of swimming – a sport which has brought so much joy to my life.”

Cate says the program will help decrease drownings. (Credit: Supplied)

For those wanting to sign up, the first round of the swim club will commence on Monday, October 9th across 15 pools in NSW, QLD, WA, and SA. 

Registrations are now open and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

According to AUSTSwim, learning will be individualised and tailored to each adult in the class, with the consideration that not everyone enrolled will be at the same level. 

Sign up here. 

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