Fergie finally breaks her silence: Every royal secret exposed!

The Duchess is threatening to expose all her juicy palace secrets.

She’s been welcomed back into the royal fold in recent months, but Sarah Ferguson is still struggling to re-establish her position within the inner circle.

Increasingly aware that she faces serious opposition from certain members of the family, a royal insider tells New Idea that the Duchess of York is preparing to spill the beans on life inside the palace with a shocking tell-all book.

‘A publisher has approached Fergie about writing a tell-all book, and she’s seriously considering doing it,’ says a source close to the duchess.

‘They’ve already made offers to her in the vicinity of $12 million – they know this is going to be the most explosive book in royal history, and the publisher is happy to pay whatever it takes to make it happen.’


The truth is, it’s not just all about the big pay cheque for Fergie.

‘She still harbours a lot of resentment and anger towards the royal family – in particular Prince Philip, who treated her so poorly after the toe-sucking scandal and pretty much didn’t stop until she was ostracised from the rest of the royals,’ continues the source.

And now the former royal is fighting back by revealing some of the palace’s darkest secrets.

From affairs, to which royals hate each other, to vicious arguments, she’ll spill all. She wants the world to know how Prince Philip made her life hell, and how the Queen turned a blind eye to much of it.

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‘Fergie hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet, but she’s close,’ says the source.

‘She wants to break her silence after all these years. The only people she’s worried about hurting are her daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, but even then, she thinks it will be good for them to know that their mother stood up to the palace.

‘It looks like this book will happen – and it’s going to be explosive.’

Read the rest of the story in this week’s issue of New Idea, on sale now.

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