The Block’s latest ‘cheating scandal’ leaves fans frustrated

More hype over nothing.
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For the second time this season, The Block has been rocked by an alleged cheating scandal.

This week viewers have been promised the return of Ronnie, a ‘villain’ from The Block 2017, who was always bound to stir up controversy.

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Ronnie’s return has yet to go to air but as New Idea revealed yesterday, his appearance will include a turn as detective to uncover how Oz and Omar were saving so much money on tradies.

In a quick preview last night it was revealed that foreman Keith was also beginning to get suspicious, leading him to ask Oz and Omar why they have an usually high number of tradies working in their home. 

The two friends assure Keith they’re doing everything by the book but rumours have already started to circulate that Oz and Omar have friends and family helping them out for free.

Recently the show landed in hot water with fans after an anti-bullying message shared on The Block’s social media pages was met with criticism from viewers who felt the show was being hypocritical. 

Ronnie returns to stir up controversy
Ronnie returns to stir up controversy (Credit: Nine)

It would seem with this recent ‘scandal’ that fans are beginning to tire from the drama.

On The Block subreddit a viewer posted a question about the Omar and Oz ‘cheating scandal’ to which the response was overwhelmingly negative.

“This ‘scandal’ should be taken with a very large grain of salt,” said one viewer. 

“Every ‘scandal’ this year has been subpar compared to the last few seasons. The [promos] are almost never related to what actually happens,” replied another.

Some fans are over The Block blowing up about ‘cheating scandals’ only to have nothing come of it.

“What will the penalty be for [Oz and Omar] cheating……absolutely nothing, just like every other cheating scandal. The worst part will be having to listen to Ronnie and Scotty waffle on about it,” said the top commenter.

Fans are beginning to tire from the drama
Fans are beginning to tire from the drama (Credit: Nine)

“If there was ever any real consequences to people ‘cheating’ the cheating scandals would be more interesting but there never is, so it’s hard to get hyped up for them,” replied another.

When one redditor suggested waiting to see how it all panned out another jokingly responded that their comment was too level headed for The Block.

“This comment has far too much sense and rationality. Give it the Channel 9 treatment and make wild speculations pulled from nowhere!” the response said.

“Create more hype and drama to keep the ratings up four nights a week for a show that could easily be done weekly.”

Perhaps it’s time the show focuses more on the actual renovations and puts the drama on the back burner for a while. 

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