EXCLUSIVE Married at First Sight’s Michael Brunelli on THOSE pics of Jessika and Dan!

The good guy groom has A LOT to say about the "cheating" bride
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Married at First Sight’s dream couple, Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis, reveal they were no doubt shocked to learn of Jessika Power and Daniel Webb’s relationship which was revealed this week by New Idea. Prior to the photos emerging, Michael and Martha spilled the dirt on reality TV podcast, Real Talk with Holly and Ali about which contestants aren’t who they appear to be on screen and are playing the game.

“There’s one [playing the game],” Michael teases, before Martha jumps in, “Who are you going to say?”

And then Michael drops a bomb about his wife’s friend. “I was going to say Jess. I think Jess has a bit of a wandering eye. She might feel like the grass is greener on the other side,” Michael explains.
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Martha thought that Dino was the one to watch out for, even though he leaves the show. “Dino is a weird one,” Martha says.

Regardless of Michael’s feelings towards Jess, Martha tells the podcast she’s still friends with her. “We still speak,’ she admits. “But she lives really far away in Perth.”

Martha wants to remain loyal to Jess and tells us the importance of girls sticking together.

“You know what, this is what my motto is, this is what I’ve learned in my 30 years: Guys stick together no matter what. They have bro code. Men know that other men will cheat on their wives and they will be like no effect. Girls, they don’t stick together as much. I feel like we need to stick together a bit more. So, I’m going to have a few loyalties. I’m going to stay quiet on this topic. I don’t see what Michael sees there. Alright, maybe she has a wandering eye, maybe she’s not – you know,” Martha adds.

For the rest of this interview and more reality TV gossip, listen to the newest episode of reality TV podcast Real Talk with Holly and Ali below.

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