Duran Duran’s lead singer Simon Le Bon denies sexually assaulting fan

The alleged incident occurred in 1995.

Simon Le Bon, leader singer of Duran Duran, has denied a fan’s allegations that he sexually assaulted her, saying her story is ‘simply untrue’, the BBC reports.

Shereen Hariri, who has accused Le Bon, wrote to Facebook that while posing for photos with the 80s pop star, her ‘butt cheek’ was groped and he ‘began making his way down my butt to my genitals.’ 

The alleged incident occurred during an autograph-signing session at the Los Angeles record store where she worked in 1995.

‘I was shocked and completely frozen,’ she said, noting that she is seeking an apology and not compensation, from Le Bon. 

Hariri, who is now 47 and works as a therapist, said she was ‘afraid’ to speak out in the years after the incident.

‘If I made a scene, I’d be in the press: The ‘Girl Who Accused Simon Le Bon’. I’d probably be fired, rejected, ignored, even hated,’ she wrote.

‘I decided that time’s up. I’m not holding this secret anymore,’ Hariri continued. ‘I want everyone to know what this man did to me. I hope he comes clean publicly. I hope he make amends to his wife and daughters.’ 

Duran Duran
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Le Bon also took to Facebook to respond to the allegations.

In a statement to Duran Duran’s official page, Le Bon said: ‘I have read the statement which Ms Hariri posted yesterday on Facebook about a record signing 23 years ago at Wherehouse in LA.

‘The behaviour that Ms Hariri has accused me of, would have been just as inappropriate and unacceptable to me then as it is today. But the allegation is simply untrue.

‘When Ms Hariri first contacted me about her claim months ago, I proposed meeting with her in person so I could set the record straight. Instead, she has decided to pursue this publicly. I have always been one who can admit to my mistakes and apologise for my failings.

‘But I cannot apologise for something I did not do.’

Duran Duran/Facebook
(Credit: Duran Duran/Facebook)

In a comment on the post, the band’s longtime publicist Katy Krassner wrote, ‘I was also at the in-store event in 1995, and I can tell you that what he is being accused of DID NOT happen.

‘Simon was never out of my sight that entire day, as each of the people on the Duran Duran team were ‘assigned’ to a band member to help with the record signing.

‘Apart from anything else, as any fan knows, these kinds of events are a whirlwind of quick handshakes and photo calls which literally last a matter of seconds. The idea that he sat there, right next to his band mates, in front of a bunch of cameras, reaching behind him to sexually assault someone that day is simply ludicrous.’

Hariri has not responded to Le Bon’s most recent comments.

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