Meet the teams competing in new renovation reality series Dream Home

The show will surely re-ignite Australia's love of home renovation.
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After months of eager anticipation, former television vet Dr Chris Brown’s newest television venture Dream Home will finally premiere on Channel Seven.

From Sunday, May 26th, six teams of ordinary Aussies will battle it out room by room as they renovate each other’s tired and dilapidated suburban family homes into luxe-looking ‘dream homes.’

“With grit and determination, the teams will design and rebuild each other’s outdated and dilapidated homes,” Channel Seven shared in a promo for the new series. 

Following the renovations in each state, the top three couples will then have the opportunity to have their backyards completely made over with stunning gardens and outdoor living spaces AS WELL. 

The winning couple will not only receive their very own ‘dream-home’ but a life-changing cash prize of $100,000.

After two home renovations of his own, host Dr. Chris Brown says he can “genuinely relate to what the couples are experiencing” on the show. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Who are the judges on Dream Home Australia?

Buyer’s agent Simon Cohen, interior designer Rosie Morley, and renovator Lana Taylor will be judging the teams each and every week on their renovations.

The trio of judges will provide invaluable insight during the renovations, critiquing and scoring the spaces the teams put together for presentation.

Simon has previously featured on the Prime Video original series Luxe Listings Sydney where his property buyer’s agency Cohen Handler was featured. 

“I’m thrilled to be part of Dream Home. The stakes are high in any competition, but when it comes to your own home, the sky’s the limit. These renovations will be incredible and absolutely life-changing,” he shared in an official media release announcing his role on the show. 

Interior designer Rosier Morley from Three Birds Renovations added: “Knowledge is power, and I think people underestimate just how many decisions they’re going to have to make.”

Meet your judges: Buyer’s agent Simon Cohen, interior designer Rosie Morley and renovator Lana Taylor. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Who are the teams on Dream Home Australia?

What is Dream Home about?

While new to an Australian audience, Dream Home originally aired in New Zealand for 11 seasons between 1999 and 2013. 

Speaking about the show when it was first announced, Chris revealed that he “couldn’t wait” for “the search for Australia’s best Dream Home to land in lounge rooms” across the country.

Channel Seven’s last home renovation reality show House Rules was axed in 2020. 

But with Dr. Chris Brown and this talented team of judges to steer the ship, we are sure the revived format will sure to be a hit with audiences across the country. 

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