Popular cleaning product recalled due to “severe burn” warning

"Immediately stop using this product."
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A popular bathroom cleaning product sold at Bunnings has been urgently recalled over fears that the product could cause severe burns to its users. 

Surprisingly, the recall is due to faulty packaging, and not the product itself – Drano. 

“We take seriously the responsibility of providing products that consumers can use with confidence, and, for this reason, we are recalling the affected batch of this product,” an official statement from the company said. 

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The manufacturers, SC Johnson & Son, have advised consumers that a faulty bottle cap could lead to unexpected leakage around the cap of the bottle, as well as down the sides. 

Product Safety Australia has since warned that the corrosive nature of the product could result in eye and breathing irritation, as well as potentially cause severe burns to the skin and mucous membranes, including the nose, mouth, and airways. 

Products with an SKU code of 219263 and a use-by date of October 31st, 2024 are most likely to have been impacted by the faulty packaging. 

Is this drain cleaning product sitting in your cleaning cupboard? (Credit: Drano)

When used, the manufacturers advise consumers to wear gloves and follow the safety guidelines listed on the back label of the product. 

However, given the faulty bottle caps for the drain cleaner, many consumers may unwittingly find themselves in contact with the corrosive contents, designed to clear tough drain blockages, and not be in contact with skin. 

A dedicated product recall website has been set up. (Credit: Drano)

Consumers who purchased the 1.2L Drano Max Gel at Bunnings both in-store and online, or on Amazon online between April 14th and May 23rd have been urged to “immediately stop using the product.” 

According to Product Safety Australia, customers who purchased more than one faulty product should contact SC Johnson & Son directly for a refund. 

For those who purchased just one, you can head to the Drano website and utilise the ‘Check My Product’ tool to see if your bottle of Drano is part of the recall line. 

It is important to note that the recall does not affect any other Drano products available for purchase at this time. 

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