Dr Chris and Liv: Over already!

"He's a commitment phobe!"
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Things are certainly heating up between the former Bondi Vet star Dr Chris Brown and his new girlfriend Liv Phyland, as the couple have been spotted getting cosy on numerous romantic dates in recent weeks.

But while the smitten pair have been spending time getting to know one another, Chris’ ex-girlfriend Kendall Bora has a stark warning for The Loop television presenter, labelling him a “Peter Pan” who has a “commitment phobia”.

Kendall was left heartbroken when their two-year relationship abruptly ended after she finally took heed of concerned friends’ advice that Chris was never going to settle down.

chris brown
cr chris brown

Despite living together, meeting each other’s parents and engagement rumours, Kendall was never acknowledged by Chris publicly, leaving her feeling confused for their future.

“Chris always maintains he likes to keep his personal life private, but there comes a point where you start to feel invisible,” says a good friend of Kendall’s. “He wouldn’t acknowledge Kendall in public and all her friends kept telling her that wasn’t the way a healthy relationship should be.”

Left jaded by the years she wasted hoping Chris just needed more time before he happily invited her to industry events, Kendall has since realised her ex enjoys the attention he gets as a single man.

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“He is like Peter Pan and never wants to grow old or settle down because he thinks a lot of his jobs are based on the fact he is easy on the eye and the female viewers fancy him,” says the friend.

“On one hand, he says he wants to settle down and have a family of his own, but then he tells his long-term partner that even though he is nominated for an award she can’t come to the Logies and celebrate with him. It’s not right.”

And while Chris has had no choice but to put his newest romance with his fellow Channel 10 talent on display after the pair were sprung at the beach, according to sources, he is not happy about it.

“As soon as it went public that he was single again, rumours were rife that he may be the next Bachelor – and Chris loves all of that attention,” says the source.

“He just thinks being perceived as single is better for his brand.”

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