Denise Drysdale finally admits: why I pelted furious Ita with Brussels sprouts

Finally some answers to the bizarre saga.

TV veteran Ita Buttrose made her hasty exit from Channel 10’s morning program Studio 10 on Thursday, a mere hours after her exit was announced. When the departure aired, all eyes were on fellow panellist Denise Drysdale. 

The pairs tumultuous relationship has long been documented, and was rumoured as the main catalyst behind Buttrose’s shock departure. While Buttrose’s co-stars Sarah Harris and Joe Hildebrand showered their departing colleague with praise, Drysdale’s on-air silence was telling. 

Now, in a candid interview on radio this morning, Drysdale has blamed her glaring silence on the ’emotions caused by Anzac day’.

‘That was because of Anzac Day,’ she told 2DayFM Breakfast’s Em, Grant & Ed. ‘Having a close association with the Vietnam vets, that feeling gets stronger every year. It really gets me. As you get older, you get more emotional.’

Drysdale also freely admitted she won’t miss her departed panellist, and instead praised Jess Rowe – who shockingly left the morning program earlier this month. 

‘The show as we know it is not the same any more, with Jess [Rowe] going. Jess and I hit it off really, really well. And now Ita going, well — it’s a different show. You’ve got two totally different people that have gone…I’m sure we’ll pick up,’ she said. 

Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand, Denise Drysdale, Ita Buttrose and Jessica Rowe
Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand, Denise Drysdale, Ita Buttrose and Jessica Rowe (Credit: Getty)

Tensions between the two media personalities were rumoured to have imploded last year, when Drysdale hurled a Brussels sprout at Buttrose during a taping of a Studio 10 Christmas song.

Grant Denyer couldn’t help but ask about the bizarre incident.

Oh, bloody hell,’ she groaned. 

‘Oh, I’ve got a big bag of Brussels sprouts and nothing to do with them,’ she added with a laugh. 

Drysdale then gave in, admitting to the saga.

‘Look, I threw that Brussels sprout because I’d got up at four in the morning to come in and do the Christmas song. And at about four o clock in the afternoon, [after] we’d had a couple of champagnes for lunch, I was feeling…The Christmas party was that night, so I’d had my party in the afternoon!’

Buttrose is still yet to comment on the Brussels sprout incident, but admitted that leaving Studio 10 was so she could spend more time with her grandchildren and work as an author again. 

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