Delta Goodrem announces new tour dates

The Innocent Eyes tour will be hitting Australia in a few months!
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After two months of vocal rest, Delta Goodrem was been given the all clear to resume her first leg of touring in 2023.

In the wake of her upcoming Innocent Eyes anniversary tour in Australia, Delta announced in March, due to vocal strain, she would have to postpone her April/May Hearts on the Run tour in Europe.

The 38-year-old shared news of the postponement with some insight into her vocal health, “From overextending myself on a number of projects… I unfortunately have overused my vocal cords to the point of me having no voice for extended periods of time.”

While show dates were postponed until the foreseeable future, with nationwide trips also on the horizon, the singer’s upcoming tours were left in a state of limbo.

WATCH: Delta Goodrem on set with The Australian Women’s Weekly. Article continues after video.

Not anymore! On May 7, Delta took to Instagram to flaunt her (evidently) recovered vocals.

The European Hearts on the Run tour will resume this year. (Credit: Instagram)

Where is Delta Goodrem performing?

While her 2023 touring schedule was initially scheduled to commence in Europe in May, due to vocal-health-related tour postponement, Delta will now commence her European Hearts on the Run tour on August 22. These shows will conclude in Stockholm on September 15.

After a week’s break, the Innocent Eyes tour will kick off in Sydney on September 23, thanks to the addition of an extra show (the tour was originally scheduled to start on September 25). 

When announcing the rescheduled dates for her European tour, Delta reiterated her apologies:

“I know it has taken much longer than anyone wanted, and I am truly sorry to those who were in turn affected. My voice is in good health now and I’m excited to give you 100% of myself, ready for the loudest singalongs ever! 🎶🎼🎤 looking forward to seeing you all there 🔜🚀xxx”

When is Delta Goodrem touring in Australia?

Delta will be commencing her Innocent Eyes tour on Friday September 23 at the Sydney Opera House.

Celebrating 20 years of the album, the set will traverse through its entirety. 

After two more Sydney shows on Monday September 25 and Tuesday September 26, she will perform in Melbourne on the 28th and 29th.

From October 1 to 7, she will host shows in Adelaide, Queensland and Perth.

(Credit: Instagram/Delta Goodrem)

Where can I buy tickets to Delta Goodrem’s tour?

Tickets to the Innocent Eyes 20th Anniversary Tour are available through Ticketek.

How much are Delta Goodrem’s tour tickets?

Tickets to the Innocent Eyes tour start at $99.90 for C Reserve. B Reserve is priced at $139.90 and A Reserve at $159.90.

VIP tickets are priced at $599, which includes an artist Meet and Greet.

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