Dave Hughes’s terrible news over The Block house purchase

This is not good.

Dave Hughes, the popular radio host, has come under fire after purchasing Josh and Elyse’s Block home at Sunday’s nights auction. 

Speaking to Hughesy’s KISSFM co-host Kate Langbroek on Monday, Holly, Dave’s wife, revealed that their son Rafferty, 8, has been receiving ‘flak’ at school over the purchase. 

Holly revealed that Rafferty thought the purchase was his dad ‘showing off.’ 

‘It’s not a bargain,’ Holly said. ‘Raffy’s whispering people were hassling him about it at school. Raffy’s saying he feels like dad was showing off.’ 

The funnyman’s wife also said she knew he was intending on bidding, but asked that he bought it anonymously.

‘The only thing I asked was, if you’re going to bid, can you please just do it through an advocate so we can keep it private,’ she told Langbroek. ‘I didn’t think he’d end up buying it either.’ 

Appearing on A Current Affair on Monday, Hughesy said that he planned to use the new home as a ‘party pad.’ 

‘We’re going to spend a lot of time there in the summer, I’m already talking about some massive party,’ he said.

‘I think Josh and Elyse had a massive party there last night, but we’re going to make their parties look small, because we’re going to have middle-aged parties.’ 

He also added he planned to keep the Elsternwick property in the family for a ‘long time.’ 

Hughesy purchased the property for a whopping $3,067,000 at auction on Sunday night’s dramatic Block finale

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