Has the winner of Dancing with the Stars 2023 already been leaked?

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We may have yet to witness the grand final, but fans of Dancing with the Stars are convinced that they know who will take home the coveted mirror ball trophy. 

WATCH NOW: Matt Preston quits Dancing with the Stars. Article continues after video. 

From what we’ve seen in the first few weeks of the reality dancing competition so far, this cohort of celebs is certainly giving it their all. 

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But there’s one celebrity amongst the pack who fans are convinced will beat out the rest. 

Meet the celebrities competiting for the crown on Dancing with the Stars 2023. (Credit: Seven)

Flocking to Sportsbet, Dancing with the Stars viewers have placed their bets as to who they think will win this season. 

Currently in number one place, with odds of 1.25 is Home and Away actress Emily Weir.

This queen of the bay (and the dancefloor) has been dazzling the judges with her dancing displays, and from what she has shown us so far, is set to continue cha-cha-ing her way to the top of the competition. 

Emily Weir is a fan favourite to win. (Credit: Seven/Instagram)

Following significantly behind is Human Nature vocalist Phil Burton with odds listed at 3.75, with Australian Idol powerhouse performer Paulini following up even further behind with odds at 11.00. 

The remaining contestants all trail even further behind fan favourite Emily with odds ranging from 13.00 for actress Christie Whelan Brown to win all the way to 26.00 for fellow actress Mary Coustas to win. 

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So far, eight stars have hung up their dancing shoes – former MasterChef judge Matt Preston who was forced to withdraw after injuring his ankle, former Selling Houses Australia host Charlie Albone, former AFL player Gavin Wanganeen, The Chase star Issa Schultz, Olympians James Magnussen and Sally Pearson, reality star Laura Byrne and actress turned Survivor winner Pia Miranda. 

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