Coles expands ‘Quiet Hour’ in stores nationwide

A low sensory shopping experience will now be available five nights a week.
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Five years on from first introducing a ‘Quiet Hour’ into select stores nationwide, Coles has made a major move to expand the popular shopping experience. 

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Starting with just 68 stores in 2017, ‘Quiet Hour’ will now be on offer at all Coles supermarkets across the country from 6pm until 7pm Monday to Friday. 

The initiative was created in an effort to provide a more accessible shopping experience for those who find high-sensory environments overstimulating and overwhelming.  

‘Quiet Hour’ is now a permanent addition to all Coles stores nationwide. (Credit: Coles)

But what does the ‘Quiet Hour’ actually entail? 

Changes customers will notice during the listed times include Coles Radio turned down to the lowest volume, reduced register and scanner volume, and no use of the in-store PA system (apart from in emergencies).

‘Quiet Hour’ will take place Monday to Friday between 6pm and 7pm. (Credit: Coles)

Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Coles, Katie Wyatt said the decision to give ‘Quiet Hour’ a more permanent place was an easy one for the grocery giant to come by. 

“At Coles, we are always looking for new ways to serve our customers with disabilities and their careers, and we are privileged to have many active voices of people with disability in our feedback channels,” she shared with New Idea. 

“Up to 70% of autistic people experience sensitivity to sounds, with autistic adults reporting that these symptoms worsen with stress and anxiety, therefore, Quiet Hour promotes increased opportunity and enhances the shopping experience for thousands of customers.”

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