Claims Lyn Dawson was a vicim of Ivan Milat

Brother of accused wife murderer makes stunning accusations.

The brother of Chris Dawson, the man charged with the murder of his ex-wife over 30 years ago, has made astonishing claims she was killed by notorious serial killer Ivan Milat. 

Lynette Dawson vanished in 1982, and Mr Dawson has now been charged with her murder. 

Peter Dawson has sensationally told 7 News that Lyn Dawson may have been another victim of Australia’s worst serial killer Ivan Milat.

Arrested last week, 70-year-old Dawson has always maintained his innocence.

His family previously claimed Lynette ran away in 1982, but now they’ve suggested a chilling alternative. 

“Milat…is alleged to have killed several women around the same time and in an area Lyn was seen,” Mr Dawson’s brother Peter said.

Serving seven life sentences, Milat’s victims were hitchhikers.

“[Lyn Dawson] didn’t drive,” he said.

However, former Assistant Commissioner Clive Small, who led the Milat investigation, believes it’s an unlikely theory.


“I would suggest it’s very much next to zero,” he told 7 News.

He says Milat kept souvenirs from his victims, and there were none from Mrs Dawson. He added that and the killers other victims were picked up around Liverpool.

“It doesn’t fit and I know no suggestion that Dawson was in the Liverpool area or what she’d be doing there,” Mr Small added.

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