Brad’s secret proposal plan for Jen

He's met with Jennifer's favourite jewellery designer to talk rings!
brad pitt jennifer aniston

Brad Pitt is ready to pop the question and make things official with Jennifer Aniston.

A source close to the actor has told New Idea that after he was spotted flirting with co-star Margaret Qualley, he and Jennifer laid their cards on the table and agreed to make their relationship a priority.

While his divorce from Angelina Jolie is still in the works, Brad’s decided to show his commitment by picking out the perfect ring with the help of top jewellery designer and good friend Sat Hari.

“Jennifer and Brad had a commitment ceremony when they first rekindled their romance after his split from Angelina, but in recent months there’s been a little tension from his partying and flirting with women on set and he’s desperate to make Jennifer realise she’s the only woman for him,” says the insider.

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brad pitt jennifer aniston

Brad, 54, who has always had a keen eye for design – and helped create engagement rings for past partners including Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina and Jennifer – has been unable to find the perfect ring. So he turned to one of Jen’s favourite jewellery designers, his close friend Sat Hari, to create something unique.

brad pitt
Brad Pitt and Sat Hari Khalsa (Credit: Supplied)

“Anyone can buy an expensive diamond, but Brad really wanted to give Jen a ring that had meaning, that wasn’t run of the mill. Brad knows how much Jennifer loves Sat, who’s highly regarded in Hollywood circles, and knew that she would be really discreet, so it was an easy choice,” adds the source.

At the end of September, Brad and Sat met up at a private concert headlined by the Chili Peppers at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music to discuss their plan to create a special, one-off design.

brad pitt jennifer aniston

“He’s not going to make the mistake of letting Jennifer go again, so he’s committed to working with Sat to make a ring she can’t say no to – a ring that will make Jen his wife again,” adds the insider. “They’ve met up a few times and had dinner recently to discuss the ring.”

It’s likely Sat’s design will be more in keeping with Jennifer’s laid-back style than the extravagant $500,000 spiral-style engagement ring Brad gave her in 1999, or even the 8-carat cushion-cut solitaire Justin chose for their 2015 engagement.

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