Brad Pitt begs Jennifer Aniston for forgiveness

The actor 'wants and needs' his ex in his life, according to a sensational US report

Brad Pitt is running back to ex-wife Jennifer Aniston – he wants to be friends again and needs her emotional support, American publication In Touch Weekly is reporting today.

The 53-year-old actor, whose parenting skills were called into question by his ex Angelina Jolie, “wants and needs Jen in his life especially during this trying time,” a source tells the publication.

“Brad’s leaning on her as a confidante now. His renewed relationship with Jen has been a huge source of support and comfort through the toughest year of his life.”

In June, Brad called up Jen to apologise for what he put her through when he left her for Angelina in 2005 after only four-and-a-half years of marriage.

“Brad flat-out apologised for all the heartache and pain he caused by leaving her for Angelina,” says the source. “He came off as genuinely sorry, and Jen was deeply touched. She was completely won over.”

In a subsequent chat, “they did some major catching up,” the source says of Brad and Jen. “He soberly spoke about hitting rock bottom and how he made the climb out.”

The apologies continued, according to In Touch’s source: “He launched into a grand apology. He apologised for being an absentee husband in the marriage – being stoned and bored much of the time… he told Jen they might even still be married if he were emotionally and physically present and sober at the time. It was the most intimate conversation Brad had ever had with Jen.”

Now that he has Jen back in his life as a loyal friend, “he hopes to count on her for a long time to come,” adds the source.

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