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Australia has officially decided the winner for Big Brother Australia 2023 – and it’s none other than Tay and Ari Wilcoxson.

They follow in the footsteps of other iconic Big Brother winners, including the likes of Reggie Bird, Trevor Butler and Tim Dormer. 

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After five weeks battling it out in a house fulls of love, lies,  heartbreak and the all too emotional evictions, Tay and Ari and fellow finalists Minee and Louis fates were left to the mercy of the Australian public, who voted to decide the winner of Big Brother House of Love. 

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Ultimately however it was Tay and Ari who emerged victorious ahead of fourteen housemates – and they couldn’t be happier!

Tay & Ari, Louis and Minee faced off in the finale. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Upon hearing the news that they had been crowned the winner of Big Brother Australia for 2023, Tay and Ari couldn’t hide their joy, saying: “Oh my God, it’s insane. It doesn’t feel real. We did it!”

We’ve always said we would want to help our family. That is a big reason why we are here,” they said in a statement.

“But we also want to make more memories and travel together and start something of our own business wise. The money will get lots of use.”

It wasn’t all smooth sailing at the reunion! (Credit: Channel Seven)

It comes after Big Brother viewers flocked to Sportsbet, where many placed their bets behind the housemate they believe would walk away with the crown, and the $100,000 prize money that comes with it. 

All season long, Louis was a fan favourite to win, with odds to win of $2.25. 

He was followed closely by sisters Tay & Ari (who played as one housemate) in second place with odds of $3.50. 

Surprisingly despite being a finalist, blonde bombshell Minee spent the season in the middle of the pack with odds of $8.50. 


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