Five new books to read this August

Settle into August with these page turning new books
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New Idea has rounded up the best new releases of the month, from twisty thrillers to witty personal memoirs.

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Whether you’re an avid reader searching for your next book, stuck in a reading slump, or attempting to jump back into reading again, we guarantee these books will be the perfect picks. 

This month our top five reads will transport you to isolated islands, war-torn European countries, tennis courts and libraries, offering some much-needed distraction and comfort. 

Carrie Soto is Back
(Credit: Penguin)

Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Taylor Jenkins Reid is already a big deal thanks to the soon-to-be-released screen-adaptions of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Daisy Jones and The Six

Carrie Soto is Back follows the talented tennis player Carrie attempting a comeback after retirement, following her as she plays one more year of tennis to reclaim her record. 

Coached by her father and facing media backlash, heartache and physical strain, Carrie Soto comes back for one epic final season in this riveting and emotional novel. 

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Daisy Darker
(Credit: Pan Macmillan)

Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney

Alice Feeney, the “Queen of Twists” returns with a murderous family reunion in Daisy Darker

What can go wrong when a family reunion is held in a crumbling gothic house on a tiny tidal island? 

The short answer: Murder. And then another….and then another. 

With dark family secrets, isolating high tides and a murderer on the loose, Daisy Darker cleverly takes inspiration from Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, putting a spin on the classic murder mansion trope. 

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The woman in the library
(Credit: Ultimo Press)

The Woman in the Library by Sulari Gentill 

Set in a cosy reading room at the Boston Public Library, it’s hard to believe Sulari Gentill began writing this twisty literary adventure as her town of Batlow was ravaged by Australian bushfires. 

Four strangers are trapped in the reading room after a woman’s terrified scream tears through the library.

As security guards race to identify and contain the threat, friendships and conversations are struck between companions. 

Each has their own reason for being at the library that morning, and for one, that reason happens to be murder. 

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This story will change: After the happily ever after
(Credit: Counterpoint Press)

This Story Will Change: After the Happily Ever After by Elizabeth Crane

Described as “Rachael Cusk meets Nora Ephron,” This Story Will Change explores how life can fall apart and be rebuilt in wonderful ways. 

In this wry and vulnerable memoir, Rachael Cusk traces the breakdown of her marriage and how she found herself living in an apartment with an old friend and his kid. 

The unexpected living situation brings opportunity for comfort and healing for Rachael in this poignant and moving portrait of a woman in transformation. 

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The Librarian Spy
(Credit: Harper Collins)

The Librarian Spy by Madeline Martin

Inspired by the true history of America’s library spies of World War II, The Librarian Spy follows Ava, a librarian working as an undercover spy in Lisbon and Elaine, a French printing press apprentice working for members of the resistance. 

As War rages throughout Europe, the two women find themselves connecting through coded messages and discovering hope in his moving novel by Madeline Martin.

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