You simply must try these tried and tested dessert recipes this Christmas!

Presents are great and all, but admit it, your favourite part of Christmas is the food. These desserts will ensure you finish the festive feast with a bang.
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The best part of December 25 is definitely the Christmas lunch. There’s something wonderful about celebrating with friends and family over a lovingly prepared feast.

But there’s no point impressing with glazed ham and platters of seafood if it’s going to fizzle out with a few scoops of store-bought ice cream.

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If you want a dessert that brings real ‘wow’ factor to the table (or you’re in a friendly competition with Aunt Carol for who can bring the best dish), be inspired by the below recipes that we promise will go down a treat. 

Chocolate Malteser Pavlova Stack (Credit: Supplied)

Chocolate Malteser Pavlova Stack

Is it even an Aussie Christmas if there’s no pavlova? This double-decker meringue dream will be loved by adults and kids alike thanks to the addition of chocky fave Maltesers.

If you’re going to tackle a pav, make sure you invest in a decent electric stand mixer, such as the Kenwood Chef XL Titanium. Its generous 6.7L bowl can whisk up to 16 egg whites to billowing perfection, so it makes light work of the mere 8 needed for this recipe.

View the recipe here

Christmas Trifle (Credit: Supplied)

Christmas Trifle 

Trifles are perfect for a buffet-style Christmas lunch. Not only does this layered dessert make a spectacular centerpiece, but all you have to do to serve it is pop a big spoon next to it and let everyone help themselves.

This one features port wine jelly crystals, sweet dessert wine, and vanilla bean for that extra special touch.

View the recipe here.

Mango and Raspberry Pavlova (Credit: Supplied)

Mango and Raspberry Pavlova 

It’s a classic for a reason. The combination of mixed fruit, sweet cream, and dark chocolate is the flavour equivalent of a Christmas carol. This recipe brings the X(mas)-Factor with raspberry coulis garnishing the pavlovas. 

View the recipe here

Gingerbread Fluff Sponge Cake (Credit: Supplied)

Gingerbread Fluff Sponge Cake

The French know a thing or two about desserts, and this traditional cake is no exception. Made with a sponge roll, this version is extra Christmassy with its gingerbread flavour.

The cake element can even be made up to two months ahead and frozen, giving you more time for other things on the big day. 

View the recipe here. 

Cherry Pie Cheesecake (Credit: Supplied)

Cherry Pie Cheesecake 

Cherries, cheesecake, and Christmas all start with ‘ch’. Coincidence? We think not! We believe this summer dessert is one of the best ways to showcase the Australian cherry season. 

View the recipe here. 

Red Velvet Layer Cake (Credit: Supplied)

Red Velvet Layer Cake

We know it’s hard to believe, but there are people out there who don’t like traditional Christmas pudding (gasp!). So you can shock and delight them when you cut open this pud to reveal it’s a red velvet cake with a white chocolate cream cheese filling.

That sounds like our kind of surprise!

View the recipe here

Gluten Free Fig, Rum and Raisin Loaf (Credit: Supplied)

Gluten-Free Fig, Rum and Raisin Loaf

It’s 36°C outside, and you’re sweltering through a full roast lunch of turkey, pork, and four kinds of potatoes… sound familiar? Well, if you just can’t give up the turkey (and really, we can’t blame you), let dessert cool you down. Plus, this is gluten-free AND you can make it in advance. 

View the recipe here

Peachy Raspberry Cheesecake Trifle (Credit: New Idea Food)

Peachy Raspberry Cheesecake Trifle 

Everyone will be wanting more of this showstopping Christmas dessert!

Highlighting the peachy sweet flavours of its namesake and raspberry, and brought together with a delicious layer of jam sponge roll, and cream, this festive take on a cheesecake with leave your mouth watering for more. 

View the recipe here

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