The best artificial Christmas trees to shop for the festive season

'tis the season...

While nothing beats the smell and aesthetic of a real Christmas tree, an artificial tree can be just as magical, and it’ll get you through many holiday seasons to come.

Other than longevity, there are plenty of great reasons to switch from a real tree to a faux one this Christmas. Not only will you cut down on mess, waste, and environmental impact, but you’re also more likely to save some money in the long run. How good?

So, if you’re looking to decorate the home for Christmas this year, we’ve done the shopping for you and rounded up ten of the best artificial Christmas trees that help bring in the Christmas cheer for this season and beyond…

The best artificial Christmas trees 2023

True blue traditional 

Lusting over the real Christmas tree look but not in the market for a month long care project this holiday season? Say no more, these faux trees are sure to satisfy all your Christmas cravings. 

Aura Home Christmas Tree
(Credit: Aura Home)

Large Fir Christmas Tree, $455 (was $569) at Aura Home

Get into the Christmas spirit with this 7′ 10 multi-tonal evergreen Christmas tree, and be amazed by its beauty all season long.


(Credit: Amazon)

Jingle Jollys 1.8M LED Christmas tree, $277.95 at Amazon

This gorgeous Christmas tree is six feet tall and comes with lights already attached, so you never need to untangle Christmas lights ever again.

Amazon, Black Friday Christmas tree sale.


Adairs Pine Christmas Tree
(Credit: Adairs)

Green pine Christmas tree (7ft), $299.99 (was $499.99) at Adairs

Go for a cosy look this year with this full-bodied tree. Decorate it with some bright baubles, or keep it clean and simple with a string of fairy lights. 

Adairs, up to 40% OFF Christmas trees. Sale ends 27th Nov.


christmas tree
(Credit: Myer)

New Oregon cashmere pine Christmas tree $399 at Myer

This natural-looking Christmas tree is 210cm tall and has a gorgeous blend of greens giving it a natural yet magical feel.

Myer, Black Friday sale, up to 50% OFF Christmas trees. Limited time only.


Catch Christmas Tree

Jingle Jolly’s 2.1m Christmas tree with snowy tips, $69.95 (was $221.99) at 

If you want to make a statement with your Christmas tree of choice this year, this faux Christmas tree by Jingle Jolly will do you just right. With 1250 tips and a luscious look, just add your favourite ornaments to complete the look. 


White Christmas 

Maybe you couldn’t get up north this year, or you simply want the wonderland look without the frosty feeling! These snow blown trees are sure to impress. 

Adairs white & green winter Christmas tree
(Credit: Adairs)

White and green winter Christmas tree (7ft), $239.99 (was $399.99) at Adairs

Even though it’s a summer Christmas here in Australia, it doesn’t mean we can’t *pretend* to have a White Christmas. This Christmas tree from Adairs features frosted tips to really set the scene…

Adairs, up to 40% OFF Christmas trees. Sale ends 27th Nov.


Myer flocked arrow pine Christmas tree
(Credit: Myer)

Flocked arrow pine Christmas tree 180cm, $249 at Myer

Wake up to a winter wonderland with this snow-covered tree. The compliments will be flooding in swiftly when your family and friends see this pine beauty in your living room.

Myer, Black Friday sale, up to 50% OFF Christmas trees. Limited time only.



Jingle Jollys Christmas tree 2.1m in white, $90.19 at

Looking for something a little different? An all white Christmas tree will look right at home in any modern-contemporary home.


Spread the joy no matter how small

Whether you are in the market to spread the joy to every inch of the house, or you are simply on the search for something that will fit through the front door, we have found the smallest trees with Christmas joy unmatched. 

Adairs mini Christmas tree
(Credit: Adairs)

Burlap green Christmas tree, $41.99 (was $69.99) at Adairs

For those looking for a small tree that can be easily set up and stored away each year in an apartment, this miniature one from Adairs is petite and sturdy.

Adairs, up to 40% OFF Christmas trees. Sale ends 27th Nov.


Harris Scarfe luxury tree
(Credit: Harris Scarfe)

Soren luxury snowy bushland tree, $99.99 at Harris Scarfe

A golden Christmas is just one pre-decorated Christmas tree away. Fitted with all things luxe and wonderous, you won’t need to think twice about this year’s decoration assortment. 


Tips and tricks to find the perfect artificial Christmas tree for your home!

1. Shape and size

Available in all shapes and sizes, from mammoth shopping centre trees to ones small enough for a bench top – anything is possible… well to a point. It is, however, important to consider your space before buying. Pull out the measuring tape and figure out the room’s capacity, after all the tree will become part of the furniture every holiday season. Another point to consider is the size of your storage space – remember a bigger tree is much harder to move and put away!

2. Pre-decorated

Though it is more common for smaller trees to come pre-decorated with assorted garlands and baubles, larger trees can be bought pre-decorated with more subtle accents – covered with snow or frost, embedded with berries, or of course twinkling lights. This is perfect for whether you are trying to achieve a minimalistic look with limited décor, or if you are working to load your tree with the whole nine yards.

3. Pre-lit

When it comes to decorating the tree, the excitement of putting everything together can quickly be taken away with the lengthy process of untangling the Christmas lights. If you are not looking to sacrifice your time in the light department this December, a pre-lit tree may be the solution you are looking for. In addition to saving your sanity, the meticulously even light display compliments the addition of any ornament added to the look.

4. PVC or PE…what even is the difference?

Typically manufactured from PVC or PE – polyethylene, the aesthetic of the tree and its needles do vary depending on the material. Both PVC and PE have their own benefits, and it simply comes down to deciding what you’re looking for when in the market for a new tree. If you are on the search for a more authentic look with a defined sculptured structure, PE is the way to go. Unlike PVC, needles on PE trees are integrated into the trees integrity – no more loose needles appearing around the house. Though not as realistic in their appearance, PVC trees will not fade, remaining a true green for years on end. Additionally, and maybe most importantly, PVC is fire resistant – preferable when Christmas lights are added into the mix. 

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