Upgrade your home living with these 9 top-rated Amazon appliances

Cultivate a functional home environment.

When it comes to home living, it is important to create a space that allows for optimal comfort and functionality. While it’s good and well to make use of already-owned or second-hand appliances, sometimes more bad than good can come from welcoming them into your home. Rather, you are better off making the jump and purchasing the appliance that, one, you actually want in your home, and two, will upgrade the functionality of the space.

Whether it’s time savings, money savings, or general home improvements at the top of your list, Amazon caters to the demands of all, offering the best technologically advanced appliances that are guaranteed to better your home life.

To kick off the season of home upgrades, we have rounded up the nine top-performing appliances with something suited to every budget and need.

2024’s top-rated Amazon home appliances

  1. Sensibo Sky smart home air conditioner system, $149, Amazon (here’s why)
  2. LEVOIT 3-in-1 air purifier, $223.22, Amazon (here’s why)
  3. De’Longhi portable convection heater, $49 (usually $89), Amazon (here’s why)

The best home appliances in 2024


Sensibo Sky smart home air conditioner system

$149 at Amazon

Did your last electricity bill take you by surprise? Save up to 40 per cent on AC bills with this smart home air conditioner system from Sensibo. Simply plug in, connect and enjoy a smarter, connected environment. The Climate React system scans both temperature and humidity, using a dual setpoint to maintain ‘real feel’ comfort.

Key features:

  • Over 4000 five star reviews
  • Smart phone connectivity
  • Remote-controlled
  • Available in white and storm grey
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.2 x 1.7cm


LEVOIT 3-in-1 air purifier

$223.22 at Amazon

Improve indoor air quality and the general aroma of your home with this 3-in-1 air purifier from LEVOIT. Whether it is pet hair, nasty toxins, mould or bacteria, this system is sure to refresh the space.

Key features:

  • Over 60,000 five star ratings
  • Three fan speeds
  • AHAM certified core 300 air purifier
  • Purified air five times per 12-minutes
  • Pre-installed HEPA-3 stage original filter
  • Dimensions: 221. x 22.1 x 36.1cm


De’Longhi portable convection heater

$49 (usually $89) at Amazon

Though oil and fan heaters do have their place in the home, when it comes to moving the system from room to room we recommend a portable convection heater like this one from De’Longhi. Fitted with the best of safety features including a tip-over switch system and built-in handles, keeping warm while ensuring safety is a guarantee.

Key features:

  • Over 1500 five star reviews
  • Three heating settings: 750W, 1250W, and 2000W
  • Free standing or wall mountable
  • Tip over switch safety system
  • Anti-frost function


Arovec dehumidifier

$79.89 at Amazon

With the crisp Winter air bringing us back into home hibernation, we tend to discover the fun that is the need for home improvements. In some cases, and if you are one of the really lucky ones, you may find the joy that is mould infestations. To try and control the spread, the Arovec dehumidifier is a no-brainer. Collecting up to 300mL per day, you will be well on your way to dry air in no time.

Key features:

  • Amazon’s best seller
  • Suitable for 15 square meter rooms
  • Built-in thermo-electric technology
  • Quiet operation at 30dB
  • Water tank capacity: 900mL
  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 22cm


Digital alarm clock with temperature display

$27.99 (usually $32.99) at Amazon

For the times when your phone alarm fails you, don’t be left in a last-minute scramble, and instead wake up with ease to this digital alarm clock. Better again, with an integrated temperature display, feel more prepared for the day before even leaving the bed.

Key features:

  • LED glossy display
  • Four-level adjustable brightness
  • USB powered and built-in backup battery
  • Available in white and storm grey
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 3.81 x 6.5cm


Sicilaien cordless vacuum cleaner

$127.48 at Amazon

Offering both eco and max modes, this cordless vacuum cleaner from Sicilaien caters to both the daily cleaner and once-monthly rundown, either way, no judgment here. With a highly efficient filtration system utilising cyclone technology, say goodbye to 99.98 per cent of microscopic dust with every clean.

Key features:

  • Five-stage HEPA filtration system
  • Seven-cell detachable battery
  • Advanced roller brush head with LED
  • Pre-installed HEPA-3 stage original filter
  • Dimensions: 43.29 x 27.6 x 17cm


Lubluelu store robot vacuum and mop combo

$235.99 at Amazon

For those with limited time on their hands, this robot vacuum and mop combo from Lubluelu is a must-have home appliance. Fitted with the best of mapping and navigation technology, this deep cleaning machine works tirelessly to ensure your home is nothing but spick and span.

Key features:

  • Listed Amazon’s Choice
  • 4000Pa suction and deep cleaning with 3 modes
  • Mapping and navigation system with AI recognition technology
  • Smart app and voice control – Alexa and Google Assist connectivity
  • Minimal noise disturbance – 55dB


Echo hub home control panel

$259 (usually $329) at Amazon

Manage your entire home with one easy-to-use control panel. So, whether you live in a one-bedroom or five-bedroom three-floor home, this system allows you to control all functions from room temperature to surveillance cameras, built-in lighting, and home entertainment.

Key features:

  • Smart home device with Amazon Alexa
  • Controls lights, smart plus, camera feeds and so much more
  • Easy to install and wall mountable
  • Built with privacy in mind


Philips dual basket air fryer 3000 series

$318 (usually $349) at Amazon

Streamline dinner time with this dual-basket air fryer from Philips. Whether you are preparing dinner for the family, or a serving for yourself, save on time with a basket perfectly sized for either.

Key features:

  • Two-drawer system
  • 9L capacity – 6L drawer and 3L drawer
  • Philips rapid air technology – innovative hot air circulation method
  • Dimensions: 49.4 x 39.8 x 37.2cm

What is the number one home appliance?

In our opinion, there is not one home appliance that is better than another, it simply comes down to what you need from your home. If you are struggling to figure out what area of your space needs improvement, a good place to start is determining whether you are looking for a time-saving or money-saving solution. If you are in the market for a time-saving solution for home cleaning, a two-in-one automatic vacuum and mop system may be just what you need. Or, if it is instead a money-saving appliance solution that you are seeking, then the smart home air conditioner system could be the answer.

What are the best kitchen appliances in Australia?

If you are looking to cut back on time spent in the kitchen, then the air fryer is the appliance for you. Fitted with a range of features from Bluetooth connectivity, pre-set meal settings, safety switches, and more, the air fryer streamlines meal preparation at the touch of a button.

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