“Lola wants to be just like Poppy”: Bert’s granddaughter is carrying on his legacy

It goes without saying that showbiz runs in Lola’s veins.
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Busy mum-of-six Lauren Newton says watching her middle daughter, Lola Welsh, make her television debut in ABC TV’s new comedy Gold Diggers was magical, if not totally unsurprising. 

“She is quite used to being in front of the camera,” Lauren proudly tells New Idea following our lovely mother-daughter photo shoot to celebrate 11-year-old Lola’s big break.

“In fact, Lola’s first photo shoot took place when she was less than 24 hours of age for a shoot for her birth,” Lauren recalls.

WATCH NOW: Lola makes her acting debut in Gold Diggers. Article continues after video. 

It goes without saying that showbiz runs in Lola’s veins.

Her late grandfather Bert was a king of Aussie entertainment, while his wife, Patti, continues to be a beloved figure.

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Now, Lauren says her determined daughter very much wants to follow in her Poppy’s footsteps. 

With Bert a quadruple TV Gold Logie winner, Lauren tells us: “I think Lola has dreams of winning Logies. She’s ambitious and, I think, she’ll go for it in the future.” 

“I always think about how proud Dad would be,” says Lauren (Credit: Phillip Castleton)

Despite Lola’s well-received role in Gold Diggers, Lauren is all too aware of how tough the entertainment industry can be. 

In recent years, some naysayers have been critical of the success of young stars who seemingly had their careers launched through their famous parents’ connections – with the term ‘Nepo Baby’ being coined. 

“I don’t tend to worry about that,” insists Lauren, one of New Idea’s popular columnists. 

“At the end of the day, Lola is auditioning for a role with so many other people, and they’re just picking the person who is right for the job. 

“She joined an agency, Centrestage, she auditioned, and I actually didn’t initially realise her knack for learning lines so well.

“Even if the door is open for you, sometimes you actually have to work twice as hard once you’re in.”

Lola on set on Gold Diggers! (Credit: ABC/Instagram)

As for rejection, Lauren says Lola has not been overly devastated by the roles she’s lost out on. 

Her Olympian dad Matthew Welsh and siblings Sam, 15, Eva, 14, Monty, seven, Perla, four, and Alby, two, have all showered her with love and support. 

“The kids love seeing Lola on screen! Actually, her little brother Monty has done a bit of work, he’s in the same agency. There’s a bit of friendly competition there,” Lauren says with a laugh. 

“It’s always interesting to see who gets the role.”

Just like Poppy! Lola has dreams of winning a Logie (Credit: Phillip Castleton)

This October will mark two years since Bert passed away. While Lauren reveals that all her children have dealt with losing their Poppy in different ways, Lola has been very affected.

“I always think about how much he would have loved seeing her do this. He always said she was destined for great things,” she says.

“She would dance and sing with him, they would sit and watch Play School – she loved being in his office that had all his Logies,” she recalls, insisting she knows he would be so very proud of little Lola.

Lauren and Lola enjoyed a fun shoot at Rydges Melbourne. Book your stay here. 

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